Category Close-Up: Plant-Based Milk & Creamers - Expert Analysis

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In this episode of Category Close-Up: Expert Analysis, we’ll be exploring the plant-based milk and creamer category. Over the course of an hour, we’ll hear how this rapidly evolving space is presenting both opportunities and challenges to distributors, retailers and brands, as well as how the overall market dynamics and trends are shaping the outlook for industry analysts and investment bankers.

Along with providing the context and data to understand the current state of the market, the panel dives into the current issues on-shelf, examining how the expanding cooler set can accommodate equally rising innovation by brands, as well as how plant-based milks and creamers are having an impact on the growth of the category on ambient center store aisles. The group provides insight into how challenges in contract manufacturing are adding a further hurdle for start-up brands to overcome, how private label products factor into market growth, and how brands are meeting the demand for innovation with new formats, flavors and functional benefits, in addition to a range of other topics.