Office Hours: Corporate VC During Covid-19 with General Mills, Pepsi, Distill Ventures

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The state of strategic venture units during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic will be explored during this Office Hours episode featuring John Haugen, Heidi Dillon Otto, and Daniel Grubbs, the leaders, respectively, of 301 INC (General Mills), Distill Ventures North America and PepsiCo Ventures Group.

The three executives will share insights and lessons drawn from the experience of their portfolio brands during the pandemic, both with regard to those companies’ challenges and the ways they have operated to overcome them. They will also discuss their views on entrepreneurial brands’ best practices when it comes to overcoming surprise roadblocks and the kinds of strengths and weaknesses developing companies have shown in recent months.

Haugen, Otto, and Grubbs will also discuss the current outlook and past record for corporate accelerators and VCs, giving viewers a snapshot of the kinds of relationships that they can expect with regard to these much-discussed strategic partnerships.