Office Hours: How Six Entrepreneurs Faced the Summer of COVID-19

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A panel of six food and beverage entrepreneurs from across the country joined up with BevNET Editor in Chief Jeff Klineman to discuss the challenges that the summer of 2020 — and the ongoing struggle with a global pandemic — brought them. Speakers addressed ways they are overcoming challenges around production, financing, sales and marketing, offering support and advice to each other.

Office Hours brought together Dean Eberhardt of Hop Tea, Mark Samuel of IWON Organics, Kirsten Sutaria of Wonderlab Doozy, Dawn Patton of Try My T, Julie Suntrup of Day Three Labs and Smari Asmundsson of Kaffi. The six brought the optimism of entrepreneurship to the discussion, combined with their commitment to hard work and a sense of commiseration that can only come from a fellow startup founder.