Winter Fancy Food Show 2018 Video: Slingshot Builds Better-For-You Breakfast Brand

By combining a range of on-trend elements into a single beverage product, Slingshot accomplished quite a feat.

Positioning its product as “a complete breakfast for your busy mornings,” the San Francisco-based company markets a line of drinkable yogurt that includes a “shot” of chia seeds, almond bits and toasted oats for consumers to mix with the beverage. Available in 12 oz. bottles in six varieties, the line aims to deliver protein, probiotics and fiber for a better-for-you breakfast on-the-go.

In this interview from the 2018 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, BevNET assistant editor Martín Caballero spoke with co-founders Will Hartley and William Noble about the development of the brand. In addition to discussing both the advantages and the challenges of working with an innovative and unique package format, Hartley and Noble showcased the new child-focused Shorties sub-line, spoke about the rapidly evolving breakfast beverage category, and explained how the specialty retail channel has shaped the brand’s success thus far.