Red Bull? Not According to Rorschach!

Today, outside of the BevNET world headquarters in Harvard Square, Advertising Ace John McKenna spotted what could be a tea-leaf-like sign of Red Bull’s future. A passing car crushed a can of Red Bull like the first-moving energy drink once crushed its competitors, and the resulting splatter-pattern strongly resembled the logo of Dark Dog Energy Drink:










Dark Dog has a U.S. presence that’s about as strong as beer in Utah. While Red Bull has steadily lost market share to Monster over the past few years, it’s hard to imagine its Europe-based competitor would be able to make much of a move on it. Unless there are darker forces at work! We haven’t heard word that Dark Dog hired a witch doctor, but we can’t be sure. If anyone sees black swirling clouds over either Red Bull or Dark Dog’s HQ, let us know. And don’t make them mad.