Rock and Cola: Axl Rose thanks Dr. Pepper

In the strangest collision of the beverage and music worlds since witnesses watched Amy Winehouse snort vodka, Axl Rose has thanked Dr. Pepper for supporting his (maybe) forthcoming album, Chinese Democracy.

In a clear, Taco Bell-like stunt, the resilient number-three soda player announced that they would give a free can of Dr. Pepper to everyone in America if Axl releases the 17-year-in-the-making album sometime – anytime – during 2008.

The beverage company exempted estranged guitarists Slash and Bucketthead from the offer, and framed the promotion as encouraging Axl to release the album in a time when it is badly needed due to the current wash of wanabee singers and movies about high school musicals.

That’s exactly how Axl reacted to the promotion – publicly, at least.

Axl released a statement last week saying that he was surprised and happy about Dr. Pepper’s support and, as the album features performances by Buckethead, Axl would share his free beverage with the guitarist.