Sweet Leaf Lemonade Stand

by Sweet Leaf Tea

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Official Brand Overview

Based in Austin, Texas, Sweet Leaf Tea was founded in 1998 by Clayton Christopher. Using his grandmother's tried-and-true iced-tea recipe, Clayton and his best friend and business partner, David Smith, brewed the original batches of Sweet Leaf Tea in pillowcases, using crawfish pots as brew tanks. Sweet Leaf Tea is all-natural, made with real cane sugar and is offered in ten traditional iced-tea flavors: Organic Original Sweet Tea, Diet Original Sweet Tea, Organic Mint & Honey Green Tea, Diet Mint & Honey Green Tea, Organic Peach Sweet Tea, Diet Peach Sweet Tea, Raspberry Sweet Tea, Lemon Lime Unsweet Tea, Organic Very Berry Hibiscus Tea, and Organic Half & Half Lemonade Tea. Sweet Leaf Tea can be purchased in the original 16 ounce glass bottle, the gallon plastic bottle, and now the 12 ounce and 20 ounce plastic bottles. Sweet Leaf Tea can be found in natural and specialty stores throughout the country. With customers like Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats and Safeway, Sweet Leaf Tea is one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in the U.S. In Spring 2007, Sweet Leaf Tea will launch a line of granny-inspired all-natural, fresh-squeezed lemonades: Organic Original Lemonade, Organic Peach Lemonade, and Organic Cherry Limeade.


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