BevNET Magazine
Innovation Jan-Feb 2008

Cover Story

Starbucks Shining Star

It’s midsummer at Starbucks Corporate Headquarters in Seattle, Wash., and despite the swaths of natural light flooding the inside and the warm August weather, a chilled Seattle vibe permeates the entire place. Café colors cover the walls – eggplant, terracotta, burnt orange, butter yellow, sage. The floors are laid with light, clean pine planking; the hallways are wide...



Thirsty For Ethnic

The days when an ice-cold cola was enough to quench America’s collective thirst are over.

Trend Services

For the drinks industry there are a wide array of services that claim...

What's In a Name

“Change? We fear change.” Those words, spoken by the brilliant philosopher-poet Garth Algar...

Branded Ingredients

The other day I saw a Dunkin Donuts TV ad promoting their new “Milky Way” hot cocoa...

Wayback Machine

At this point, everyone’s already written about the organizational disasters...

Revved Up

A much longer time ago than I can comfortably reveal, in a country far, far away, I saw Billy Joel in concert.