Expo East 2019 Video: Katy Perry Talks Bragg Investment, Bringing Apple Cider Vinegar Mainstream

In this video interview recorded at Expo East 2019, pop star Katy Perry talks about learning the beverage industry, why she always takes apple cider vinegar with her on the road, how her entertainment background helps her to bring “outside the box” thinking to the board room, and why she considers herself a “lightworker” and “part of the higher consciousness of humanity.”

Cannabis Forum 2019: The Challenges Facing Entrepreneurial Brands

When it comes to challenges in legal cannabis, regulatory hurdles are only one issue facing young THC and CBD brands. New entrants to the category must also contend with product quality and efficacy, reliable sourcing, and establishing strong business connections within the CPG industry.

Cannabis Forum 2019: The Evolution of Demand for Infused Products

In this presentation recorded on June 14, 2019 at Cannabis Forum Summer 2019 in New York City, New Frontier Data chief knowledge officer John Kagia breaks down the “five forces” currently disrupting the global cannabis marketplace, including expanded legal access, therapeutic efficacy, product innovation, convenience, and growing social acceptance.

BevNET Live Summer 2019: The Next Five Years for Cannabis Beverages

With much of the cannabis space still in constant flux, BDS Analytics VP of consumer insights Jessica Lukas closed out the second day of BevNET Live Summer 2019, held June 13 in New York City, by breaking down the state of the market for both THC and CBD beverages and offering her predictions for what the next five years of cannabis drinks look like.

BevNET Live Summer 2019: Inside ZX Ventures

In this presentation at BevNET Live Summer 2019, Liz Tomic, global director for ZX Ventures’ Explore Fund, discussed how the unit approaches the beverage marketplace, which categories, need states and channels it chooses to target, and why people and culture matter more than scale when it comes to selecting partner brands.

BevNET Live Summer 2019: How Millennial Entrepreneurs Think About Beverage

In this video from BevNET Live Summer 2019, reporter Brad Avery sits down with three millennial beverage entrepreneurs from startup brands Koia, Kitu Life, and Tea Drops to discuss how generational values such as transparency, authenticity, and diversity affect their approach to business.

BevNET Live Summer 2019: Vital Proteins CEO on Customer Acquisition and E-Commerce

The ways in which brands can effectively connect with consumers are constantly changing as social media and e-commerce platforms continue to evolve. While influencer marketing has provided a new path for driving brand awareness, for brands it’s no longer just about paying a celebrity to pose with a product on Instagram.

BevNET Live Summer 2019: Whipstitch Capital’s Nick McCoy on Investment

In this video from BevNET Live Summer 2019, Whipstitch Capital co-founder and managing director Nick McCoy walks through how investment, mergers and acquisitions work in the beverage industry, breaking down topics including the core financial differences between the food and beverage spaces, how competition is increasing as new brands enter the market, and how major corporations think about acquisitions.

BevNET Live Summer 2019: The New Faces of Beverage VC

In this panel from BevNET Live Summer 2019, held June 12 in New York City, BevNET editor-in-chief Jeff Klineman sits down with three new fund managers to learn how these “new faces of beverage VC” approach investments, brand loyalty, ingredient trends, and entrepreneurship.

BevNET Live Summer 2019: Oatly on Surviving a Shortage

Speaking at BevNET Live Summer 2019, Mike Messersmith, U.S. general manager for Oatly, explained how he navigated the company out of this crisis and got production up to scale within a year. In this video, Messersmith offers his experience with Oatly as an example of how a commitment to transparency and communication helped the brand land on its feet without losing out to the competition.

Expo West 2019: Clearly Kombucha Takes New Direction Under Molson Coors

Last year, Molson Coors acquired Clearly Kombucha to mark the company’s first purchase of a non-alcoholic beverage brand. Nine months later the small California-based brand has a refreshed look and an energized market strategy aimed at growing the brand’s presence in the kombucha set.

Expo West 2019: Goldthread Founder Talks Growing Herbal Tonic Category

In this interview video recorded at Natural Products Expo West 2019, we spoke with the brand’s founder William Siff, a former acupuncturist, to learn how the company is working to make its adaptogen-based beverages click with conventional channel consumers.

Expo West 2019: Honest Tea Co-Founder Talks Growing Product Family

In this interview from Natural Products Expo West 2019, BevNET managing editor Martin Caballero caught up with Honest Tea co-founder Seth Goldman to discuss recent company updates and innovations aimed at growing the brand’s reach with consumers of all ages, plus retail expansion and efforts to improve sustainability.

Winter Fancy Food Show 2019: MindFull Founder Talks Launching New Company

In this clip Matt Jimenez, founder of food and beverage portfolio company MindFull, explains how his previous industry experience is informing the launch, why he chose to partner with wellness brand Gaiam, and how MindFull will develop lifestyle brands around functional products.