PepsiCo’s YACHAK Rebrands as ‘Plant-Based Energy Tea’

PepsiCo-owned yerba mate brand Yachak Organic has rolled out a rebrand for its line of 16 oz. beverages. The refresh presents not just an entirely new visual identity for the brand, which launched in 2017 as a subsidiary of Rockstar Energy, but also aims to more firmly position the drink in the energy space.

Rhythm CBD Seltzers Finds its Beat with First Distribution Partner

San Francisco-based Rhythm CBD Seltzers, is deepening its presence in its home market with the announcement of its first distribution partner, Bay Area distributor Danlies. In signing with Danline, Rhythm has landed with an early adopter of CBD products which also services brands like VYBES, Daytrip, Kickback, Proposition Cocktail Co. and Kefla Organics in over 900 accounts.

Don Julio’s Grandson Seeks to Start New Tequila Legacy with LALO

After learning the business from his grandfather, legendary tequilero Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada, Eduardo “Lalo” Gonzalez is seeking to establish his own legacy in the industry through his eponymous premium blanco tequila brand, LALO.

Taste Radio: In The Face Of Adversity, What Would ‘Buddha’ Do? Try Otherworldly Innovation.

From national distribution to failed innovation to keto-driven disruption, it’s all in a decade’s work for Buddha Brands’ co-founders Chris Magnone and Mark Cigos, who we profile in this episode of Taste Radio. We also sat down with Jen Ballen and Joe Magliano, the co-founders of Otherworld Foods, an upstart brand that aligns locally sourced and upcycled ingredients with nostalgia-inspired products.

Back from Collapse, Day One Relaunches CBD Beverage Line

In 2019, Day One was initially positioned to be a leading beverage brand for Genius Fund, a multimillion dollar startup that aimed to become a multibillion dollar leader in the California cannabis market. Now, under new ownership, Day One is relaunching, announcing this week plans to enter retail in seven states as well as resuming online direct-to-consumer sales.

CBD Legalized in California as Governor Signs AB-45 Into Law

After years of effort by activists including multiple legislative attempts, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 45 into law yesterday, creating a regulatory framework to immediately allow for the legal sale of CBD-infused products.

NACS 2021 Notebook: Pepsi Revamps Energy; Candy, Watermelon Flavors Abound

Whether in the form of licensed partnerships or by creating their own outlandish candy inspired flavors many in the rising sub-set of “performance energy” drink brands have found that their consumers have a serious sweet tooth. Also, Java Monster unleashes Cold Brew, Pepsi strategizes around energy and Vita Coco keeps tweaking.

Bettaway Expands Operations For New AriZona Iced Tea Production Facility

National supply chain management company Bettaway announced the opening of a new logistics management center to complement the recent construction of its 1.2 million square-foot AriZona Iced Tea production and distribution facility in Keasbey, New Jersey. The Keasbey campus is now the largest production and distribution center in AriZona Iced Tea’s network.

Molson Coors-Backed CBD Brand Veryvell Expands Across Country

Truss CBD USA, a joint venture by Molson Coors Beverage Company and cannabis products maker HEXO USA, announced today plans to expand its Veryvell brand of CBD beverages across the country following its launch in the Colorado market last year.

KDP: Company Aims to Increase M&A, Fortify Distribution Network

Analysts from Goldman Sachs Equity Research were overwhelmingly positive about Keurig Dr Pepper’s (KDP) long term growth potential following the company’s Investor Day webcast last week. In an analysis of the webcast, Goldman Sachs said the company’s “upbeat outlook delivered on our expectations” to accelerate topline growth and increase earnings.

Nielsen: Non-Alc Beverage Sales Accelerate And Remain Strong

All channel sales remained strong and accelerated across most non-alcoholic beverage categories, increasing 14.4% year-over-year during the two-week period ending on September 25, even as volumes continue to migrate back toward on-premise, according to an analysis of Nielsen data by Goldman Sachs Equity Research.

PepsiCo: Despite Supply Volatility, Q3 Revenue Grows Double-Digits

Despite a “volatile supply chain and cost environment,” PepsiCo reported double-digit growth in its Q3 earnings report today, with net revenue in the quarter up 11.6%. According to the company, organic revenue was up 9% in the third quarter. Earnings per share (EPS) was $1.60, down 3%, while core EPS was $1.79 (up 5.5%).