Brand News: Energy Drinks


BAWLS Guarana has launched an addition to their product lineup – BAWLS Guarana EXXTRA. Packing 50 percent extra caffeine than the original BAWLS Guarana flavor, sugar-free BAWLS EXXTRA offers a powerful boost with a refreshing, guarana-infused taste. Because EXXTRA is made with more guarana than the rest of the BAWLS product line, BAWLS EXXTRA hits the caffeine level of a strong cup of brewed coffee – 96 mg per 10 oz. serving and 150 mg. per 16 oz. serving. Offered in 10 oz. bumped glass bottles and in 16 oz. color-changing cans, BAWLS EXXTRA is now available in stores nationwide. BAWLS EXXTRA will also be integrated into the brand’s 2008 sampling initiatives, including a nationwide tour of BAWLS-sponsored video game conventions, BMX races and pro paintball tournaments.


Sambazon has created a potent, all-natural energy drink that heightens awareness while boosting energy and the immune system. Amazon Energy is made with Açaí, the powerfully nutritious purple berry sustainably harvested from the Amazon basin, along with Vitamin-C superfruit acerola and rainforest botanicals like guaraná and yerba mate. Formulated with the finest organic ingredients, Amazon Energy delivers nutrition, sustained energy and great taste without tons of refined sugars, artificial colors, chemicals and negative side effects. Amazon Energy is now available in Whole Foods and other fine retailers nationwide.

Bionic Boink

Starting in Arizona, Boink has taken off at local restaurants, bars, and clubs as a healthy alternative to energy. Boink stands out amongst the rest offering a product without sugar, calories, and fat and only the best natural herbs for energy. Boink’s Cayenne Pepper formula produces a long lasting amount of energy without the use of synthetic caffeine.


Volcano energy drink, is a new non-carbonated energy drink with high caffeine and taurine content plus vitamin B-complex, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as Zinc. Those high quality ingredients are intended to relieve fatique, boost metabolism and improve physical performance and the reproductive system for men. It is available in original and sugar-free

Fluid Motion Beverage Inc.

Fluid Motion Beverage Inc. recently won the 2008 Graphic Design USA Packaging Award for the outstanding graphic design on the Talon Blood Punch line extension launched last year. The Talon line is also breaking out of its current US boundaries, debuting in Canadian C-Stores in May.


In March, AMP Energy launched three new line extensions – AMP Energy Elevate, AMP Energy Relaunch and AMP Energy Traction. New limited edition Dale Earnhardt Jr. AMP Energy products will be available this summer. AMP ENERGY RELAUNCH is energized with a burst of orange citrus flavor, Electrolytes and B-vitamins. AMP ENERGY TRACTION is enhanced with grape flavor, Maltodextrin and D-ribose. AMP ENERGY ELEVATE features a blast of mixed berry flavor and L-Theanine. All three line extensions are available nationwide in 16 oz. single-serve cans. AMP Energy Relaunch is also available in 16 oz. 4-packs.

Marquis Platinum

LUX5 EVENTS, a Newport Beach-based event company, launched their 2008 Nationwide DEEP FLIGHT LUX5 Luxury Lifestyle Tour Presented By Marquis Platinum Vitality Drink on Saturday, May 10th at Santa Monica’s celebrated Barker Hangar. The product has also recently arranged an exclusive distribution deal with DEAN & DELUCA for all locations nationwide. Marquis Platinum Vitality Drink was also chosen by the newly renovated Plaza Hotel in NYC to be the exclusive energy type drink for the entire property.


This summer, Monster Energy is blowing up the Vans Warped Tour with Monster’s biggest promotion ever. Monster partnered with over 25 Warped Tour bands to give fans an exclusive album download for free with every specially-marked Monster 4-pack and 8-pack purchase. Monster has been a huge part of Warped Tour since Monster’s launch in ’02 by activating the Monster Energy VIP Lounge at nearly 50 events throughout the US and Canada.

Zafi Beverages

Zafi Beverages, Inc. is an energy mixer that is also a standalone energy drink. It is packaged in an 11 oz., double-lined PET bottle, and it is non-carbonated, with a tag-line that reads, ‘Sip It. Cap It. Blend It.’ Zafi can be blended into a multitude of products creating a wide range of ?energized drinks.


HYDRIVE Energy LLC has expanded its line of energy drinks with the launch of HYDRIVE S – Strength Energy Drink in a blue raspberry flavor. Inspired by the recent Senate hearings, HYDRIVE S contains six fully legal performance enhancers including B-12, Caffeine, Maca, D-Ribose, L-Leucine and Ginkgo Biloba. HYDRIVE S joins, E, X, and V in a colorful, great tasting line-up that delivers full power energy with just 30 calories and 6 grams of sugar per 15.5 oz. re-sealable PET bottle while delivering no jitters and no crash.

Pimp Juice

Fillmore Street Brewery is proud to announce that its owner and spokesperson, Nelly, will be launching his next album, Brass Knuckles, on June 24, 2008. In conjunction with this album launch, Nelly will be promoting Pimp Juice and the new anti-oxidant/energy hybrid drink Purple Pimp Juice on his tour across the United States. The Pimp Juice RV will also be joining the tour to give out samples to all of the Nelly and Pimp Juice fans as well as promote Pimp Juice at the Nelly concert afterparties. Pimp Juice will be introduced into India, Nigeria, and Sweden this summer, will gain further distribution into FYE stores in malls across the United States along with Nelly’s album launch, and will play a prominent role in his international tour in late 2008/ early 2009.


Steaz Energy is the world’s first and only Organic and Fair Trade Certified energy drink in four delicious varieties: Berry, Lime, Orange and Diet Berry. Unlike most other energy drinks on the market, Steaz Energy is completely food-based. The natural boost in Steaz Energy comes from four quality ingredients: organic Fair Trade Certified Ceylon green tea from Sri Lanka, organic Guayaki yerba mate, organic Sambazon Acai, and organic Guarana. The drinks come in a new 12 oz. sleek can so consumers get more healthy benefits – more antioxidants, more vitamins and more green tea polyphenols in every can. Steaz Sparkling Green Teas are sold in the US in over 7,000 retail accounts – including natural, specialty, gourmet grocer and club stores – in 40 states and is also available in the food service and military channels. As well, Steaz is sold internationally in Canada, Australia, Mexico, India, Singapore and the Middle East.CL-ONE

CL-ONE ENERGY DRINK For Smarter People is now in its 6th year. CL-ONE is available in 8.3oz and 16 oz. and is recommended by its manufacturer as a value proposition for retailers. CL-ONE energy drink is an energizer, with a modern synergistic formulation for periods of extra demand on body and mind. Drink CL-ONE at sports, exams or as a general pick-me-up during your busy day or night.

Power Trip Beverages

Power Trip Beverages’ four vitamin-packed energy drinks (Original Blue, THE Extreme, PT “0” and Mango) are now available at 300 Piggly Wiggly stores in Alabama, 71 Tops Supermarkets in NY and many other retail outlets in 15 U.S. states, including New York, Florida and California, as well as internationally throughout the Caribbean and the Middle East. By the end of this year, the company projects that its reach will span 25 states and additional international markets. To help fuel further expansion while encouraging consumers to “Get in the Game,” Power Trip has redesigned its Web site to feature interactive elements including streaming audio, video, giveaway contests and an online store.

Havoc Energy

American Enterprise Development Corporation and HAVOC Distribution, Inc. announced recently that it will begin distribution of Red Bird Energy Drink, an official collegiate licensed energy drink for the University of Louisville. The University of Louisville Energy Drink will be powered by HAVOC and will be sold in 8.4 oz, 16 oz. and 4-Pack quantities. River City Distribution, Inc. and AXTON Candy & Tobacco Co. will be distributing the product to Kroger, Thornton’s and various other retail outlets in the Kentucky market.

BURN Energy

BURN Energy Drink, on the market since 2002, has just partnered with Meridian Beverages to expand its distribution alongside Meridian’s products in the Southeast and Midwest. BURN offers 25 percent more caffeine than leading competitors, refreshing citrus taste and healthy ingredients in an award-winning package. Sugar-Free BURN offers the only energy drink that helps boost metabolism with a combination of EGCG (Green Tea Extract), Calcium and Caffeine while offering all the energy and vitamins with NO sugar and extremely low sodium.

Xstream Energy

Lightyear XSTREAM Energy contains Yohimbe, which has been one of the most popular supplements for men and women for years and is claimed as an aphrodisiac. Now with a natural sexual enhancer used for impotent males, XSTREAM Energy is an all natural, non-carbonated and fruit-juice-based energy drink.


180 Orange Citrus is refreshing, lightly carbonated and has an orange-citrus flavor. It contains vitamins B-6, B-12 and C, natural citrus flavors and is enhanced with natural guarana. 180 Sugar-Free Orange Citrus Blast, an extension of 180 Orange Citrus, contains only five calories, appeals to adults who prefer sugar-free products and energizes your body and mind without sugar. 180 Blue has a refreshing berry and grape flavor that includes the Acai berry – an antioxidant rich berry that grows wild in the Brazilian Amazon and is considered to be one of the top superfoods in the world. The first packaged energy drink launched by a major beverage company in the United States that contains the Acai berry, 180 Blue won a gold medal at the 2007 North American Beer Awards. 180 Blue Low-Calorie, an extension of the popular 180 Blue, contains only 15 calories. 180 Red With Goji has a uniquely refreshing and slightly sweet lychee and cherry taste balanced with subtle tartness. The first packaged energy drink containing the Goji berry launched by a major beverage company in the United States, 180 Red won a silver medal at the 2007 North American Beer Awards.Playboy Energy Drink

Playboy Energy Drink is ultra-sexy and incredibly invigorating with subtle notes of fruit and vanilla, this proprietary formula contains ginseng root, guarana extract and damiana leaf, ingredients that are believed to stimulate energy levels. Available in two varieties, regular and sugar-free, Playboy Energy is now available in Boston and Florida. Playboy Energy Drink is packaged in an 8.4 oz. black can, made distinctive by the famous Playboy Rabbit Head design and colors denoting regular (glowing orange) or sugar-free (glowing blue).


RESPECT, M-150 Energy Drink’s philanthropic community support program rolled into Woodland Hills, California on Sunday, April 27th to support LAPD SWAT, local and federal law enforcement agencies in honoring fallen SWAT member, Roland Simmons. Chilled M-150 Energy Drinks were served to over 7,000 residents and celebrities in attendance who raised over $450,000 for Simmons’s widow and children.

Wet Planet

Jolt has become the best name in the consumable energy business. With a seven-flavor roster of Energy Drinks, a 2 oz. Endurance Shot, energy gum and mints – with more on the way, Jolt continues to jolt the industry. Jolt Energy was the first to utilize resealable technology on their eye-catching 23.5 oz. aluminum bottle. The resealable cap is user-friendly and allows hours of carbonated energy. Over the past year Wet Planet Beverages has introduced 3 new Jolt Energy Flavors: Orange Blast, Wild Grape and Passion Fruit.

G Pure

G Pure Energy is “Energy Redesigned”- a healthier, more sophisticated choice for the discerning consumer, delivering sustainable energy with truly effervescent fresh lulo lime taste. G Pure Energy is available in a recyclable glass bottle.


Cult launched its Cult Energy Cola in Denmark earlier this spring.

Redux Beverages Brawndo

On April 1st, 2008, Redux Beverages signed a multi-year agreement with Motocross legend Ryan Clark and Team Solitaire. The sponsorship positions Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator as the team’s headlining sponsor with the official title Redux Beverages/Brawndo Team Solitaire Honda. Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator is currently available in selected retailers throughout the Northeast and South with new distribution channels opening in Southern California, Oregon, and Washington in May.


Rockstar energy drink continues to experience robust growth nearly three years into its partnership with the Coke system. Over the past year the brand has been able to gain significant space, share, and volume with key national customers like CVS and Walmart as well as expand internationally in countries like Canada and the U.K. Growth and penetration into nontraditional channels such as specialty retail/colleges/ski resorts has also been a key focus. Several new products are in the works. Building on the successful launch of Rockstar Roasted, multi packs of this line are set to rollout nationally this summer. The Rockstar marketing team continues to keep the brand new and fresh through its nationally recognized sponsorship of the Suzuki Supercross team, Golden Boy Boxing matches, NHRA racing team, and the Rockstar Taste of Chaos concert tour.

Acute Fruit

Introduced in 2008, Acute Fruit, NTrinsic and CoMotion represent a new line of energy brands based on the trio of energy, antioxidants and adaptogens. This new category of drinks in addition to providing energy, promotes health, wellness, and stress relief. The end result is complete and well-balanced energy. These three brands are also certified CarbonFree and thanks to a partnership with the carbon footprint associated with their production and distribution will be offset. Acute Fruit is a 100 percent fruit juice energy drink, non-carbonated, with no added sugar or preservatives and all natural flavors. Available in Orange Passion Fruit flavor. NTrinsic is all-natural with antioxidants and no preservatives. A sugar free, zero calorie version is also available. It comes in Black Pomegranate flavor. CoMotion is a double concentration energy drink for a stronger and longer-lasting boost, available in Dragon Fruit flavor.


GURU, a line of 100 percent Natural and Certified USDA Organic Energy Drinks, is now available in a 12 oz. slim can and introduces two new flavors: GURU Full On Lemonade and GURU Juicy Superfruit. The newly redesigned GURU can contains more energy than the original 8.3 oz. size and is less filling than the 16 oz. Catering to busy, active people’s needs, the new set of six GURU products is 100 percent natural and contains an active botanical complex made of standardized herbal extracts – Guarana, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Echinacea, following the same original proprietary formula that maximizes their beneficial effects.Spike Shooter

SPIKE, the hardcore energy brand, now features three flavors (Original, ‘Quila Lime, and Orange Gold) of SPIKE Shotgun (16 oz.) and SPIKE Shooter (8.4 oz), as well as the recently launched SPIKE Shot (4.2 oz). Shot and Shotgun feature a new formulation that delivers maximum hardcore energy without the jitters. SPIKE is nationally distributed in top c-store outlets through McLane and Core-Mark and is also available in specialty retail stores such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. Delivering a premium price point and high profit margin, SPIKE is supported by the best “street team” in the business—SPIKE Special Ops.

B12 Beverages

After years of research and development, B12 Beverages is proud to introduce LIFE into the marketplace. Life’s energy blend has a combination of vitamins and natural, exotic herbs, including the new “Super Root” MACA, to give consumers high-quality energy quickly yet with the staying power to keep them energized for hours with NO CRASH, and NO BURN. What is MACA? Maca is grown in a very small section of the Andes, planted and harvested by hand. Its healing power and benefits have been known by the Inca for over 2000 years. Maca is high in calcium and works with the body to enhance the immune system, nourish the body with minerals and vitamins and enhance libido as a natural aphrodisiac.

Xtreme Shock

Xtreme Shock is now available in a 16 oz can. The first and only “energy sensation” drink is serviced through a multi-faceted network of distributors, such as: health and fitness DSDs to beer and beverage distributors. The 16 oz. can is available in three flavors – Fruit Punch, Grape ?and Blue Raspberry.

Liquid Lightning

Liquid Lightning will be unveiling a new formula and brand-new look for release late spring. The new formula will feature a combination of Ribose, Taurine, Ginseng, Niacin, Vitamin B and Vitamin C to maximize its energizing benefits. Liquid Lightning’s focus has always been on product quality, strong support of local distributors, and nurturing relationships for the long-term growth of the product. Liquid Lightning is available in regular and sugar free in both 8.4 oz. and 16 oz. cans. Look for Liquid Lightning at Shop Rite, Drug Fair/Cost Cutters, Foodtown, Pathmark, and in vending machines.


Frank’s is a sizzling new energy drink that is taking America by storm. The invigorating drink contains a number of vitamins and premium ingredients designed to improve physical performance and mental alertness. Pasteurized to preserve freshness, Frank’s comes in four varieties and delicious flavors: Original, Sugar Free, Lime and Pineapple. The energy drink is available in a slim 8.4 oz. can and a jumbo 16 oz. can. Frank’s is the Official Energy Drink of the Indy 500.

Roaring Lion

Roaring Lion’s 12 oz. can is rapidly becoming its flagship SKU, as it has crossed over from the bar and nightclub world to availability for purchase the product at gas stations and mini marts. Due to strong on-premise demand, Roaring Lion’s first foray into the ready to drink market was with the Resealable 500 ml PET bottle.


FIXX Extreme is the first extention of the new Extreme product line, which is “designed to push the limits of energy like never before.”

Hype Energy

A significant milestone in its international expansion, Hype Energy has entered into an exciting agreement with French distribution giant Orangina Schweppes. Via the new arrangement, effective March 2008, products from the Hype family will reach a wide network of outlets across France. Other significant news from the company is the launch of a new branded can featuring NHL star Alexander Ovechkin available in Canada from the start of 2008.Rhino

Rhino Energy Drink provides exquisite taste with an outstanding quality product formulation exclusively using natural Austrian spring water. Rhino is currently the lead sponsor of John Carter’s 2008 NASCAR team and had a prominent presence at the 2008 X-GAMES’ Snowcross finals and official team sponsor of the WPSA’s Snowcross series nationwide. Rhino’s is now the exclusive energy drink of Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand casinos’ service and pool bars. Rhino has also recently been enlisted for distribution by Coca-Cola in select markets. Rhino’s currently has prominent distribution in PA, OH, MD, DE, KY, WV, and Washington D.C. and is launching in VA, TN, NC, and SC throughout May and June. In addition to Rhino’s 8.3 oz regular and sugar-free cans and 1.5L Pet bottles, Rhino is now available in 16oz cans and ?2.6g Bag-in-a-Box.

National Beverage

National Beverage’s Rip It’s newest flavor is A’Tomic Pom Sugarfree. Rip It combines deliciously crisp pomegranate flavor with an extra energy burst and zero calories. It’s the ultimate sugar-free energy drink with a refreshing pomegranate punch.

Dark Dog

Dark Dog has launched a brand new Dark Dog Light. Dark Dog Light differentiates its can from other energy drinks by its eye-catching colour magenta.

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Energy Drink claims to be so aggressively priced that consumers save nearly half their initial investment just for trying Crazy Horse Energy Drink.

Cuba Energy Juice

A 100 percent natural energy juice containing no artificial sugars or preservatives, CUBA herbal energy juice hit South Florida this spring. The product comes in three flavors, Pomegranate/Cranberry, Wild Berry and Passionfruit/Orange.


DLR Associates Inc and Potencia USA are proud to have made it through year one with better-than-expectations results. Potencia Energy Drink is now bi-coastal and continues to grow nationwide. With several trips south of the border done and resumes being considered Potencia Mex S.R.L. is gearing up for a southern assault into Mexico in 2008. Potencia is also producing its next flavor, Mandarin, in the coming months.

Rage Beverages

RAGE Beverages of Canada is now the official energy beverage of the TKO, one of the world’s leaders in MMA Boxing. RAGE has announced placement through Fas Mart/Shore Stop and Royal Farms. Distribution for all 202 Fas Mart/Shore Stop locations is being done through an independent Otto Distribution, along with distribution in close to 50 7-Eleven locations in Maryland and Delaware.

Ardea Beverage Company

The creators of Nutrisoda launched their beverages in clear, 12 oz. glass bottles. All Nutrisodas, including Energize, have a unique wellness benefit and feature lightly sparkling, crisp, natural fruit flavors. The bottles have been shipped to the following markets for distribution: Midwest/Great Lakes region, Dayton, Ohio, Chicago, Portland, St. Louis, Florida, Kansas City, San Diego, Indianapolis, Seattle, and Cincinnati.


CRUNK!!! Energy Drink will be expanding its product portfolio this June by launching a new lemon-lime citrus flavor. CRUNK!!! Citrus will have new packaging as well, boasting a yellow and green can. Since January 2008, CRUNK!!! has added five new markets to their distribution – Los Angeles, North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee – and the expansion will continue this summer.


V&V Energy, the sparkling fruit beverage with a kick, has new packaging and is now available as a 100 percent all-natural product. V&V is currently offering two new flavors, Pomegranate Blueberry and Orange Clementine and is still available in Mixed Berry and Citrus Twist. V&V is made with cane sugar and packaged in glass, giving V&V the aura of a true gourmet beverage with energy drink properties.


Xenergy, a premium energy drink from Xyience, is a zero calorie sugar-free energy drink. Xyience is pleased to announce a renewed partnership with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). As the Official Energy drink of the fastest growing sport in the world, Xyience is able to leverage it’s exposure within key demographic markets to increase sales and distribution.