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In a trend that could be good news for enhanced waters and bad news for full-calorie CSDs, a Mintel survey found that teens may be putting down the cheese fries and picking up broccoli.

Despite maintaining McDonald’s as their most common fast-food option, 41 percent of surveyed teens said they liked the trend toward healthier fast food and 61 percent of teens said it’s important to eat a balanced diet.

Mintel’s research found that 35 percent of respondents purposefully eat foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. About a quarter try to eat foods that are low in fat, and 22 percent seek out low-in-sugar foods.


Ball Packaging Europe’s resealable beverage can collected a fistful of packaging awards this year. The can, currently used for Burn Energy Drink from Coca-Cola in France, features a flat, twist-open mechanism integrated into the top of an otherwise-traditionally-shaped beverage can.

The design won the Can of the Year Award 2008 as well as winning gold in a category for two-piece beverage cans and silver in a category for caps and closures at the Can of the Year Awards. The design also claimed the Best in Metal Award 2008 from the European Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association.


The Glass Packaging Institute aims to increase glass recycling awareness by sponsoring Recycle Glass Day on December 10 and hosting a carbon calculator on its web site,

The use of recycled glass in the manufacture of new packaging reduces the amount of energy needed to make a new product, and because there is no limit to the number of times glass can be recycled, the environmental benefits of glass recycling are unique in the container industry. As a rule of thumb, the group projects that, for every 1 percent of recycled glass used, energy costs drop 0.5 percent. A 10 percent increase in recycled glass use decreases fossil fuel emissions by 2.5 percent and decreases particulate emissions by 7 percent.

“We hope this awareness event will result in higher levels of glass collected for recycling and create positive attitudes about recycling overall,” said Joe Cattaneo, GPI President. “Recycling is an integral part of the cradle-to-cradle process of glass packaging manufacturing. Every time a consumer recycles a glass jar or bottle, they help to save energy and our environment.”