Brand News: Tea




Cha Dao Tea, Inc

Cha Dao, America’s unique brewer of distinctively fresh, refrigerated ready-to-drink teas, took home two first-place awards from The World Tea Expo’s Ice Tea Shake-off Competition held June 1, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Adagio Teas

Anteadote line of unsweetened RTD teas has grown to five varieties – Green, White, Oolong, Jasmine and Black – is now USDA Organic. New distributors include UNFI East and West. The teas will be on display at the upcoming Expo East show in Boston.

Bombilla & Gourd, Inc.

Bombilla debuted their Pure Tea line, unsweetened and organic, with Big Geyser Inc. in New York City and will launch with distributors on both coasts beginning in Q2 2008. The product serves consumers looking for functionality and taste without calories or artificial sweeteners.

Pixie Mate

Organic Energy Teas are launching in three flavors: Authentic Yerba Maté, Lemon Ginger Black Tea Maté and Green Tea Yerba Maté. Pixie Maté uses high grade teas in these blends along with unsmoked and stem-free yerba mate. Each tea contains only 6-7g of sugar per serving and no ‘natural flavors.’

ABF Beverage, LLC.

Herbal Mist announced Haralambos Beverage as its exclusive distributor covering the greater Los Angeles market, and that the South-west division of 7-Eleven has authorized four flavors of the Herbal Mist line.

Beverage Innovations, Inc.

Beverage Innovations latest creation, VENGA functional infusions, combines antioxidant rich teas with 100 percent natural and exotic fruit juices and then inject life enhancing vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals. VENGA comes packaged in a sleek bottle. The brand includes six functional beverages; Energize, Daily Dose, Rehydrate, Calorie Burn, Brain Storm and Health Zen.

Nurture by Nature Inc.

Nurture by Nature offers a line of Organic RTD Yerba Mate in sleeve wrapped 16 oz. glass bottles. Nurture by Nature is 100 percent fresh brewed yerba mate, no mate/tea blends or extracts. Nurture by Nature is distributed regionally through UNFI and is now available at Whole Foods and other fine retailers.

FUZE Beverages

FUZE introduced a new Black & Green Tea that combines the robust black tea flavor with light acai-berry and apple flavors.Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea recently introduced an organic mango green tea and added Tom First to its board of directors. This latest batch of news comes on the heels of an $18 million round of funding from Catterton Partners.

Eclipse Beverages

Eclipse Beverages announced its Sparkling Iced teas in four refreshing flavors: Sunburst, Strawberry Field, Peachy, and Jasmine Delight.

Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products

Guayaki added Pure Heart to its line. It features rainforest yerba mate, hawthorn and yarrow – herbs known to enhance cardiac performance. This blend is combined with organic raspberry juice.

Vida Tea

Vida Tea won first place for best sweetened RTD green tea in the World Tea Championship at the World Tea Expo.

TeaZazz Sparkling Tea

TeaZazz Sparkling Tea started 2008 with expansion into large chain accounts such as Albertsons and Smart & Final. TeaZazz is available throughout Northern and Southern California, and now in Las Vegas.

XingTea / New Age Beverage

XingTea is a line of all natural premium green teas made with pure cane sugar and natural flavors in a 23.5 oz. can. XingTea is looking for good DSD partners, and has listings at many top grocery, convenience and deli chains.

Tradewinds Beverage Company

Tradewinds built a new plant to accommodate its surge in business, with the brand being accepted at Walgreens, Sam’s Club, Wakefern, Food Lion, and many other retailers.

Hansen Beverage Company

Hansen’s Natural Iced Teas are available in eight varieties and available nationwide. Each variety is packed with antioxidants and contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

ITO EN (North America) INC.

Following the successful launch of TEAS’ TEA Mint Green, ITO EN launched, Pure Black-Darjeeling. With the popularity of TEAS’ TEA Oolong tea, a family size 2 L has also been introduced.

Skae Beverages International LLC

Skae Beverages recently added Diet Blue Tea with Lemon, Diet Blue Tea with Peach, Green Tea with mango and Black Tea Mo-tea-to.

ZredT, LLC

ZredT, LLC introduced USDA Organic certified ZT Rooibos red teas in four ready-to-drink varieties: Unsweetened, Lemon, Ginseng & Honey and Vanilla. All four provide a minimum 100mg of antioxidants from rooibos, 20 percent RDA soluble fiber and only 5 to 10 calories per 16 oz. serving.