BevNET's 2009 Water Guide

Forget about the pallet. Start focusing on the bottle. At least, that’s what we’re inviting you to do by looking at this, BevNET’s fourth water guide, home to over 100 brands and several other companies that are in the business of servicing and packaging bottled water.

The brands herein represent such an amazing range of packages – and let’s face it, it’s still the fact that you can put the stuff in a package and move around with it that makes bottled water such an important part of the firmament – that it’s apparent category innovation isn’t slowing, even in the face of environmental headwinds.

Beyond unique packaging ideas, however, functionality continues to improve in the enhanced water category, as we’re seeing everything from protein to skin care under the aegis of bottled water.

What else might thrive? Your profits, if you pick wisely from the quality offerings detailed in here.

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