Beverage Moments

THIS MONTH BROUGHT US St. Patrick’s Day, and I was delighted to put on my green sweater and scarf, and head out to Fifth Avenue to watch the parade. St. Patrick’s Day is a day of rejoicing in New York and across the country. Beverages, non-alcoholic and alcoholic, are involved. Even in tough times, people come together to celebrate all that is good. We are a resilient lot, and will overcome the recent financial meltdown just as we’ve surmounted every other obstacle that has been thrown our way over the decades.

Later in the month, March Madness began. Every year, my son and I attempt to pick the Final Four. Tracking the tournament is definitely a beverage occasion with friends. Baseball season is just around the corner, with the NBA and NHL playoffs to follow, beverage occasions all. Soon the holidays marking summer will be upon us, and we’ll have dozens of times to party and socialize at picnics, barbecues, concerts and sporting events. It’s vacation time, so bring your coolers along for the ride. Fall follows (are you ready for some football) and with it, more holidays for family and friends to gather together. All are beverage moments. These are times we live for.

Beverages are an integral part of the American fabric. Our industry holds a vital role in the health, happiness and well being of our country. Having that sacred trust is awesome. It is incumbent upon us to demonstrate our leadership by getting involved in our communities to support their efforts to keep businesses and the economy going.

Retailers, marketers, distributors and wholesalers, all of you, don’t stop promoting and sponsoring Little League teams, music and art festivals, and other civic activities. Stay involved in the communities that you service. Contribute to food banks, fundraising and other causes that will benefit those in need. Devote time and energy to the drives that benefit your towns and cities. This is not a time to go into a shell. Support the people who have supported you throughout the years. You owe your success to your customers. Show them that you’re there for them.