Licensing- Jamba Doubles Up

Jamba Juice may once have been known for its on-premise stores, but no longer – in an effort to realize money from the clout its name has developed, the company signed a pair of licensing deals to develop products with a pair of up-and-coming entrepreneurial beverage companies.

The moves came a few months after Jamba announced a partnership for “energy juices” to be developed in combination with Nestle, with whom it had worked in the past.

With Zola, Jamba is launching Jamba Daily Superfruit Shots, which will feature the designation “Powered by Zola” – an indicator that they are using that company’s line of exotic Brazilian fruits: Acai (an antioxidant booster), Cupuacu (a vitality booster) and Acerola and Caja (vitamin-C boosters). Designed to be consumed as one ounce shots, the products will be available in resealable 16 oz. packages.

The shots, which are expected to launch in Jamba Juice retail stores, grocery stores, and other retail outlets, are indicative of Zola’s momentum in mainstream channels, but also show that it is reaching out to the supplement aisles in those stores.

“Having a powerhouse company like Jamba getting involved with Brazilian Superfruits and at the same time recognizing our expertise in the area is something we are proud of,” said Zola CEO Chris Cuvelier.

The company is also taking off after Odwalla and Naked by trying to translate its core competency in smoothies to an RTD product – again, employing coconut water maker O.N.E. to provide the base for a new line of Tetra-Pak blends.

“We are delighted to partner with O.N.E. to develop such a unique line of great-tasting, high-quality, better-for-you beverages that delivers on health and wellness trends,” said James D. White, chairman, president, and CEO of Jamba Juice Company. “Coconut water, and the healthy and natural isotonic benefits it embodies, is a perfect fit for an active lifestyle brand such as Jamba. O.N.E. is a pioneer in the category and shares our values and passion for actively engaging consumers to eat well and live healthy lives.”

The 16 oz. Tetra-Pak line – preliminary flavors include Stawberry-Banana, “Super Green” and Tropical Mango – will be distributed nationally through PepsiCo and will also be available on a to-go basis from Jamba Juice stores, according to a source with knowledge of the arrangement.