TalkingRain Beverage Company Introduces Passion Peach Flavor Diet Iced Botanicals

(Preston, WA – July 26, 2002) – TalkingRain Beverage Company has added a new flavor to its top selling line of Diet ICE Botanicals, Vice President of Marketing Nina Morrison announced today. Passion Peach joined the line-up, alongside Cranberry-Raspberry, Kiwi-Strawberry, and Key Lime. Melon-Berry has retreated to make way for Passion Peach.

The Diet ICE Botanical product line debuted in 1998 and contributes significantly to the company’s estimated $25 million in annual sales. Consumers can buy the product at Sam’s Club, Costco, and Cash ‘n Carry Stores across the nation. “This product line has won particular favor among diabetics and calorie conscious consumers,” Morrison said.

“In letters, emails, and calls to our offices, consumers report that Diet ICE Botanicals help them overcome their addictions to sugar-laden soft drinks. Diabetics indicate that the line helps them manage their special dietary requirements with beverages that taste great. Others say the product helps them manage or lose weight. We know we have a winning product line, and we are pleased to offer a new flavor in Passion Peach,” Morrison said.

Diet ICE Botanicals combine fruit flavors with vitamin C and herbal extracts known for their ability to energize the body, clarify the mind, and enhance the immune system. The product line is sweetened with Splenda®, a no-calorie sweetener made from real sugar. These beverages have zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and include 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.
TalkingRain Beverage Company is the Pacific Northwest’s number one manufacturer of water and natural beverages. For additional information about Diet ICE Botanicals and the company’s other products, visit For information about distribution opportunities, email

Founded in 1987, TalkingRain Beverage Company is headquartered in Preston, Washington. The company’s bottling plant employs 60 people that produce TalkingRain Mountain Spring Water and Flavored Sparkling Waters, Diet Ice Botanical Fruits and Teas, Airwater Oxygenated Water, and VitaRain, its newest line of vitamin and mineral enhanced waters with real fruit juice. Talking Rain is a community-oriented company that donates product to over 400 events each year and supports a variety of causes, including Special Olympics and United Way.

Nancy S. Juetten
Creative Marketing Solutions