Steap Soda Kicks Off Road Tour

The Steap van outside of a Whole Foods store in Atlanta, GA
Steap gets an end-cap on it's first day...
Customers were buying Steap by the case.

The Healthy Beverage Co. kicked-off their 1st National Steap Soda Spring/Summer road tour at the newest Whole Foods Market Grand Opening in
downtown Atlanta. Whole Foods is the largest chain of natural supermarkets in the US and is a key account for Healthy Beverage’s new USDA Organic Green Tea Soda line. Encouraging feedback came from the store’s customers and employees, especially with children, that they were actually pleased that a soda has been created with healthy ingredients, while tasting as good as the mainstream brands.


Launched just 90 days ago, Steap Soda has already been approved in over
2,000 supermarkets and over 1,000 independent health food stores nationally. Their goal is to continue the grassroots marketing and demo tour throughout the beverage season having visited over 10 key cities by Summer’s end. Keep an eye out for the Steap Soda van at a town near you!