US Energy Drink Rebranded

@@img1 A Southern California company with offices in LA and San Diego County, United Brands Company has just launched their newest product U.S. Energy Drink Series II. Produced in the country that carries its name, Series II has arrived and established itself as a leader in the beverage industry.

U.S. Energy Drink Series II is made using fresh spring water lightly infused with carbonation for a fresh, crisp taste. Along with the first U.S. Energy Drink, Series II is twice the size, twice the energy, twice the taste, and packed with minerals, botanicals and the natural flavors of Ginseng and Gingko Biloba to supply long lasting energy. Fueled by L-Carnitine, the energy generator and vitamin-like nutrient, and Taurine for maximum energy production, Series II delivers optimal physical performance.

U.S. Energy Drink Series II has received an overwhelming response from consumers and industry elite. Compliments range from the unique and tantalizing taste the product provides to the powerful new look of the can. U.S. Energy Drink Series II has the same cost and suggested retail price as regular 8 oz. cans. It is not a watered down version of a smaller drink, but rather a double blast of fuel with high-energy liquid replenishment. This is all consumed in one convenient package for one economical price.

United Brands Company is backed by beverage guru Michael Michail, President and CEO, who helped pioneer the new age beverage and energy drink industry. He brings 20 years of beverage experience to the table, five focused on energy drinks. The company is committed to bringing premium and quality beverages to the industry.
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