YET energy tonic responds to discovery of strange new market segment: “adults”

Los Angeles, CA, May 23, 2003 – Ground-breaking research has confirmed the existence of a previously unknown market segment for energy drinks: adults. The discovery led Sudden Impact Partner (SIP) of Arizona to develop YET (Your Energy Tonic) a healthy-choice energy drink that provides exceptional benefits that these “adults” find desirable, like sustained energy, stress reduction and even easier weight loss.

The discovery of adults as energy drink consumers flies in the face of the message conveyed by virtually all soft drink marketing experts: that the planet is populated only by super-cool, ultra-rad teenagers.

Though adults comprise the largest and wealthiest demographic group, they have been ignored by energy (and other) drink makers. In fact, until now only one company – a Seattle-based beverage company known as “Starbucks” – has tried to appeal to the tastes and needs of this group, apparently with some success. The makers of YET hope to convince Starbucks customers that YET is a great tasting, refreshing replacement for the afternoon coffee; one that supplies sustained energy that will take drinkers right through the end of the day – rather than the short-lived rush of energy (and long-lasting jitters) that caffeine gives coffee drinkers.

The makers of YET knew that for it to be successful, YET would have to be very different from other so-called energy drinks on the market. And it is. YET has no carbs, no Sugar and no caffeine.

At the heart of YET is ADX7 – a blend of scientifically formulated herbs, amino acids and B and C vitamins (each can of Yet contains the near equivalent of a B-12 shot). Unlike most energy drinks that rely on caffeine to deliver a short-lived burst of energy, YET provides sustained energy by reducing, or even eliminating, the effects of the stress hormone cortisol on the body.

Easier weight loss – an extremely attractive benefit to many adults – is another benefit that other energy drinks (and, certainly, coffee) don’t provide, but YET does. ADX 7 greatly reduces food cravings by normalizing cell function and balance and reducing stress. ADX7 also enhances the body’s fat-burning ability.

“We were blown away when we discovered ‘adults,'” said SIP Vice President, Merlin Corbin. “Many retailers confirmed our findings. They too had seen adults – even in their stores. Turns out, adults were easy to spot. They were the ones on their way to work, shopping for the whole family, spending money and creating long lines at coffee shops every morning and afternoon. They seemed like the ideal customers.”

Corbin himself may have spotted an adult. “I was looking in the mirror the other day, and I think I caught a glimpse of one,” said the 50-year-old who a few weeks ago finished the Boston Marathon in just 3 hours and 28 minutes after fueling up on YET.

There is plenty of other evidence that YET’s ADX7 formulation really does provide enhanced performance. The 1988 Russian Olympic team that that ADX7 was designed for won 55 Gold Medals. Since then, numerous world-class athletes have made the many benefits of YET – like lightening fast recovery – a vital part of their winning strategies. NFL legend Steve Young is so impressed with YET he has signed on to the YET team as an endorser.

The makers of YET say they are proud to have discovered this exciting new market segment (adults) – and even prouder to bring them a product that delivers healthy low stress energy that they can really use.

Says Corbin: “Unlike the teens that the rest of the beverage industry wants to keep pumped up on caffeine and sugar, adults are known to engage in activities that are actually useful. They work, they raise kids and, yeah, they’re weekend warriors and play a bit too. Adults need a healthy energy choice more than any one. We’re glad that finally, there’s a great energy drink for us.I mean them.”

Source: Market Intel

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