Pop N’ Shake Development Company, LLC introduces the most important innovation in Beverage Technology since carbonation.

Pop N’ Shake Development Company, LLC introduces the most important innovation in Beverage Technology since carbonation.

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@@img1 According to company founder and CEO David Sandoval, “Pop N’ Shake is a patented revolutionary new closure featuring an internal dispensing cavity. This innovative bottle cap delivery system is like no other closure currently available and solves the problem for beverages requiring a fresh mixture just before consumption.”

This is definitely a product who’s time has come.

According to Whitney Richards, the acting COO, the company is currently sublicensing this innovative new delivery system to companies within specific niches who can benefit from a first mover advantage, new product segments and product differentiation. He then adds, “we wanted to provide food technologists and R&D departments the necessary tools to create the next wave of innovative products, which are currently being demanded by the $300 billion beverage industry, and believe we’ve done it.”

A stimulating and exciting experience is created when the cap is turned and the consumer sees the ingredients fall into the product then it only takes a SHAKE to mix and it’s ready to drink!

Innovation with function:
. This dynamic new product not only creates the potential for entering new market segments, but also solves the problem for products requiring a fresh mixture just before consumption.

. In other words, Pop N’ Shake does more than seal a bottle or container, it provides the ability to design products that would have been impossible before.

. Compared to other single serving packages, Pop N’ Shake is ecologically superior as it allows for recycling compared to polymer packs which are not recyclable.

Differentiation with purpose

. Visually its shape instantly provides product differentiation that stands out on the shelf and its potential applications include flavoring or fortifying water or juice with nutrients and functional ingredients.

. Beneficial to beverage and consumer products companies alike, it solves the problem of low profit margins providing an innovative value added product offering, which equals better profit margins, and the ability to enter new market segments and attract new customers.

“What was at first strong interest has turned into commitments for orders”, says Mr. Richards. “Our focus group data strongly indicated widespread appeal, now everyone from beverage to pharmaceutical companies have starting calling us and I feel that the potential for this product has grown beyond our initial expectations.”

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