FREEPORT, IL USA—Seaga Manufacturing, Inc., a full-service, global supplier of refrigerated coolers and vending machines, has expanded its repertoire of cold beverage merchandisers with the introduction of three new models; SM14, SM20 and SM26.

These three floor-standing, glass-front units compliment the existing lineup by advancing space efficiency, rapid cool down, ease of service and dynamic, stylish cabinet design. These units have been engineered to maximize interior capacity within the given exterior dimensions.

All three of these heavy-duty units come standard with four locking castors for ease of placement and future relocation. Each model boasts recessed pilasters with auto-attach buttress clips which assure 100% interior cabinet use and quick, easy shelf placement. These units come standard with field reversible doors to fit left-hand or right-hand applications with equal efficiency plus they come standard with eloquent, radius curved door handles. The two larger units, the SM20 (81″T, 24″W, 29.5″D), and the SM26 (81″T, 30″W, 29.5″D) include lighted headers for enhanced branding and additional customer enticement. The SM14 (63″T, 21″W, 29.5″D) features a full length display door for total product viewing.

These work horse units will give years of trouble free service to a wide range of locations. However, when the need arises for service, the pullout compressor tray feature guarantees less technician time through easy, convenient access.

Mark Farshtchi
Senior Sales Associate
815-297-9500 X 126