Coke Tops Brand Value List

With an estimated brand value of over $70 billion, Coca-Cola Co. once again topped the annual review of the top 100 brands put out by Business Week and brand consultant Interbrand.

Brand value is one of the most important intangible assets a company has. While difficult to value, intangible assets account for a good portion of a company’s market cap, Interbrand Canada Co-CEO Bev Tudhope said.

“About one-third of that intangible piece is attributable to brand,” he said.

Furthermore, stock prices are largely dependent upon investors’ perceptions, Tudhope said, and the strength of the brand has a lot to do with that.

“Successfully branded companies view brand as an asset that returns economic value. As a result, they manage it like you would any other asset,” he said.

Brand is not just a familiar product or logo; rather, it is everything from how the telephone is answered to frontline employees to the IR program, and it has to be kept in shape, he said.

The soft-drink giant was joined in the top five by Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp., General Electric Co. and Intel Corp.

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