Iceland Springs Under New Management


Orangeburg, NY – Midnight Sun Brands, LLC. has recently acquired franchising rights of Iceland Spring Water in the United States. Iceland Spring Water comes from the mountains of Iceland, one of the most pristine places on earth.

Midnight Sun Brands was developed as a result of the changing needs of today’s consumers. The role of health in consumer choice of beverages has become greater over the years. “Products should reflect purity and nutrition.” said Eric Skae, owner of Midnight Sun Brands, LLC. “Thirty miles from the Arctic Circle, the world’s source of fresh water, in the middle of the Atlantic lies the least populated and cleanest land, the land of Ice- Iceland. Iceland Spring Water does not claim to be pure, it is truly naturally pure.”

Today’s beverage market is in need of companies that cater to the development and distribution of beverages that fit with consumer needs for healthy alternatives. Iceland Spring water comes from one of the most untouched environments on earth. The result of pristine rain and snow that has fallen from the glaciers; Iceland Spring Water is naturally filtered through the lava mountains of Iceland for 18 years before bursting forth through remote protected springs. Iceland Spring offers its consumers one of the lowest mineral contents of any water in the world. It offers a neutral PH, similar to that of the human body. Icelanders live longer than any other nationality; we believe their secret to long life is in their water. It has a natural purity that is yet to be matched. Until now Iceland Spring has been a well kept secret. Midnight Sun Brands, LLC. Intends on letting the secret out.

About Midnight Sun Brands, LLC.
Midnight Sun Brands, LLC. is a family business, owned and operated by Eric and Sheila Skae. Eric Skae has spent the past twelve years in the beverage business with companies such as Arizona Beverages, Fresh Samantha, and the Ultimate Juice Co.

Continuing with its principle of providing the healthiest and most beneficial beverages, Midnight Sun Brands, LLC. is currently developing New Leaf Beverages, a beverage line that will cater to the health conscious consumer.

About Iceland Spring
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