ROCKSTAR Energy Drink at the 2003 American Music Awards

Rod Stewart & Russ Weiner
Kid Rock and Russ Weiner
Fashion icon Steven Cojocaru and a ROCKSTAR model
Weiner and Wierd Al

The American Music Awards isn’t usually a place for beverage news, but ROCKSTAR Energy Drink was kind enough to supply us with some backstage photos. Of course there was no shortage of ROCKSTAR — or rockstars — at the AMA. As for the energy drink, it was found in all gift bags for performers and presenters. In addition, ROCKSTAR VIP cards (entitling the holder to a year’s supply of ROCKSTAR) were given to a select group of the rockstars and celebrities at the event. Russ Weiner, CEO of ROCKSTAR, captured plenty of backstage photos showing off ROCKSTAR’s celebrity following.