Denver, CO May 13, 2005 – Rudy Begonia’s Belcher Soda, a brand name synonymous with great-tasting fun, has relaunched its soda line! Geared towards the youth market, Belcher sounds off with healthier versions of its 4 exclusive flavors including; Rudy Berry, Loogie Lime, Obnoxious Orange and Very Cherry – engaging consumers with a ‘We Dare You Not To Belch!’ unofficial challenge/

@@img2 The reformulated soda line was designed to meet the needs of the youth market and nutritionally savvy parents alike, who seek high-quality alternatives to sugary sodas. Setting itself apart from an industry over-saturated with high-sugar sodas, Belcher Sodas are complete with:

5 essential vitamins
10% natural fruit juice
NO high fructose corn syrup

Packaging graphics feature the animated face of Rudy Begonia in a new colorful, slimmer 12oz can – complete with a signature Belch-O-Meter-where kids can rate their belches on a scale from ‘Awesome to Nuclear’.

Jackson Zapp, Marketing Manager for Rudy Begonia says, “Belcher Soda promises to be a popular, house-hold name amongst soccer moms and kids alike. Belcher Soda sales representatives have been hitting the streets, talking with kids who are seeking fun, new experiences in touch with their lifestyle. To our surprise and delight, Belcher Soda is also building momentum amongst young professionals and middle-aged folks alike-sounding off a strong buzz to a very broad consumer base,” added Zapp.

Belcher Soda will be available in retail and foodservice outlets as distribution networks are built.

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