Real Simple Magazine Names T42 English Breakfast Tea a Winner!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – REAL SIMPLE Magazine has just announced in their June issue that Teacrest’s Corporation English Breakfast Tea has been named the BEST black iced tea. Tasters agreed that it wasn’t too sweet, calling it “simple and refreshing.” “As a small tea company in such a competitive market, we are deeply honored by this recognition,” says Maurice Hakim, 2nd generation tea importer.

Responding to consumer and distributor demand for a lower calorie & lower carbohydrate, tea that tastes brisk and full-bodied, Mr. Hakim created the bold tasting, mildly sweetened tea that has only 45 calories per serving but doesn’t taste like the anemic, watered down teas that are currently populating the retail shelves.
Mr. Hakim said, “As far as teas go, our English Breakfast is a ‘wake-up blend’ with an added bonus of about 30% fewer calories and carbs than our two other black teas. This is a blend of bolder tasting teas.”

English Breakfast Tea is part of Teacrest’s line of all-natural Classic Teas which includes Iced Tea with Lemon, Earl Grey, Green Tea with Honey & Lemon, and Green Tea with Ginger.

In addition to these traditional teas, Teacrest also manufactures six all-natural, caffeine-free fruit flavored Herbal Teas. These include Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Mango, Peach, Raspberry and Strawberry.

Teacrest’s teas do not contain any “nutraceuticals” or little known herbs or flavors. “As far as any of our beverages are concerned, we do not make any unsupportable health claims. Our philosophy has always been that any Teacrest brew should be the most refreshing beverage on the market.”

T42 retails in some of the best gourmet markets and natural food stores in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic states and Florida. In June, T42 will also be available in Canada.

For information on T42’s availability in your market, please contact Teacrest Corporation.

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