THE BEAUTY OF TWO BEASTS: The Beast Energy Drink Signs Golf’s Legend of Long Ball to Beastly Sponsorship Deal

(LITTLE ROCK, AK) – Three-time RE/MAX World Long-Drive Champion and a 15-time World Champion finalist, Sean “The Beast” Fister stands ready to pour more excitement into his acclaimed tee shots thanks to a new sponsorship deal with The Beast Energy Drink.

As part of a new three-year sponsorship agreement, Fister will promote the popular drink at various golf events, competitions and long ball exhibitions across the country in exchange for various means of support, including making sure his cooler is packed with the lightly carbonated drink.

“No one is going to hit a 400-yard ball while falling asleep, I can tell you that,” said Fister, the long ball champion. “The Beast Energy Drink is perfect for our long drive sport. It pumps you up and gets you excited.”

Until now, the two entities shared only a common name; the partnership is anticipated to provide extra marketing yardage for both on their respective tours of the country.

Fister is the American record-holder of the World Championship finals at 406 yards (1997) and the record for longest carry in the WLDC history at 393 yards. Most impressive of his feats might be a 324-yard drive — with a putter. He has also hit a 344-yard shot from his knees, a 323-yarder left-handed (he’s right handed), a 353-yard 2-iron and a 223-yard 8-iron.

The Beast Energy Drink has solid achievements on its own course of play. The Austrian-based energy drink consistently places among the top 5 energy drinks in most international markets and is available in nearly every major city after only two years of entering the U.S. The Beast is available across the country at convenience stores and supermarkets in two versions, original and a no-carb version called The Beast Zero.

“If you think golf is a sleepy sport, you’ve definitely been following the wrong tour,” said Andrea Burckhard, General Manager of The Beast Energy Drink. “We’re excited to team up with this Beast, Sean Fister. If you’ve ever met Sean, you’ll know we’re perfect together, a high energy pair.”

Distributors of The Beast Energy Drink can be located through Performance Beverages, Inc. (PBI), Byrdstown, Tenn., at 877-74-BEAST (23278). The company can also be reached online at or via email at