Triple A Products is Proud to Introduce Vitazest “Vitamin Enriched Green Tea,” the Newest Addition to its Innovative Beverage Lineup

Boca Raton, FL, April 5, 2007 – This month, Triple A Products, LLC will introduce to the market the first flavor in a series with its upcoming Vitazest “Vitamin Enriched Green Tea.” Vitazest is ready to jump into the ready-to-drink tea market which recorded roughly $4 billion in sales last year in the US market alone. As such, the new Vitazest “Vitamin Enriched Green Tea” line will complement the existing line up of Vitazest Vitamin & Fruit Enriched Water beverages that have been on the market since 2004.

Vitazest “Vitamin Enriched Green Tea is healthy and great tasting but without carbs, calories or sugar; and adds value to traditional green tea beverages with the bonus of 10 vitamins and minerals. Vitazest Vitamin Enriched Green Tea is also sodium free, with all natural flavors, and no preservatives.

Green tea is thought to be a natural health drink, with numerous positive health benefits and is now being sold through many brands as a cold beverage in the US and around the world. “This newest delicious formulation will probably become our best seller in no time,” claims Ziv Alcalay, VP Operations for Triple A Products.

Green tea is believed to have anti-aging properties and to prevent cardiovascular disease. These and many other benefits are becoming increasingly well-known to consumers through numerous media stories as well as through the mass marketing of a large variety of green tea products.

Vitazest Vitamin Enriched Green Tea hits the nail on the head for consumers who are seeking the benefits of green tea enriched with vitamins in a delicious, thirst quenching, ready-to-drink beverage that is to be enjoyed cold or on ice. “Get ready for a flavorful indulgence without carbs, calories or sugar; you’ve got to taste this one!,” concluded Alcalay.

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