Hurricane Juice Launches ‘EQ’ ThirstEqualizer All Natural Re-Hydrating Fuel


@@img1SARASOTA, FL – April 2007 – Hurricane Juice, LLC announced an immediate launch in selected states of ‘EQ’ Thirst Equalizer sports drink.

Nature has given us the ideal source of balanced electrolytes and nutrients to properly hydrate our bodies. Coconut water is a natural fat free source of minerals and electrolytes, and through the skillful work of our R&D team we have incorporated coconut water into ‘EQ’ Thirst Equalizer, the first truly all natural sports drink.

Coconut water is not the coconut milk extracted from the coconut flesh, but rather the clear fat free fluid inside the coconut, which is a world renowned natural isotonic beverage. In fact, the electrolyte balance of coconut water resembles that of human plasma and that it is known during World War II both Japanese and Allied Troops used coconut water as IV fluids in emergency situations because of its electrolyte and sterile properties.

“Coconut water is often referred to as “The Fluid of Life” and “EQ” all natural sports drink is unlike common sport drinks and contains no artificial or highly processed ingredients,” said Ozzie Chu, President and CEO of Hurricane All Natural. “Nature has given us coconut water, the ideal source of balanced electrolytes and minerals to properly hydrate our bodies. Our company has combined clear pure coconut water with the natural essences of tropical fruits to give the market “EQ” Thirst Equalizer.”

“Currently available in Mango/Pineapple and Lemon/Lime, “EQ” is sold in a distinctive 16 oz multi-layer PET bottle and will be available in the finest grocers and establishments across America that value all natural products” explains Sean Tinney, Sales and Distribution Manager. “We are pleased to already announce immediate availability at the Granary among other exclusive establishments, as well as on our website”.
Hurricane All Natural specializes in developing premium beverages for today’s consumer who wants a great tasting, better-for-you, natural alternative to the common artificial sports drinks inundating the market. We strive to be a leader and innovator in the development, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of healthy and delicious specialty natural drinks, and create a brand that stands for absolute quality in the beverage market.

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