LIV Natural(TM) Introduces New Orange Flavor


@@img1Princeton, New Jersey – April 9, 2007 – LIV NaturalT, the innovative all-natural sports drink designed for athletes and active adults and kids, announced today its third flavor, orange, is now available, joining berry and lemon on retailers’ shelves. In addition, all three LIV Natural flavors will now be offered in a 12 oz. bottle

Ritorna Natural, Inc., the makers of LIV Natural, believes that a sports drink does not have to sacrifice taste to be healthy and effective. All sports drinks contain some sugar to improve taste and assist athletes in recuperating from intense exertion. Unlike most electrolyte replacement beverages that use unnatural and unhealthy high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener, LIV Natural is made with agave nectar, a natural, unprocessed source of sugar. LIV Natural contains only all natural ingredients, meaning there are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The use of rice syrup provides a healthy source of carbohydrates. As a result of LIV Natural’s unique balance of beneficial sugars, carbohydrates and minerals, it promotes physical recovery both during and after exercise.

Nancy Dince, COO of Ritorna Natural, commented, “The orange flavor is a great addition to our line of beverages. LIV Natural was introduced to the market less than one year ago and has already created quite an impact with consumers and retailers alike, especially in New York City and with our third flavor we now have more to offer to LIV Natural consumers.”

LIV Natural is currently offered in 20 oz. bottles in lemon, orange and berry flavors, and has an SRP of $2.10-$3.00 at the following New York retail outlets:

– Dean & DeLuca
– Eli’s Manhattan
– Garden of Eden Gourmet Market
– Grace’s Marketplace
– Gourmet Garage
– The Vinegar Factory

The 12 oz. bottles, also available in all three flavors, have an SRP of $1.19-1.99.

About LIV Natural:
Made with all natural ingredients, the mission of LIV Natural is to promote a healthy approach to life, nutrition and athletic training. The company creates beverages that improve physical performance without sacrificing taste or quality. Currently available at select retailers nationwide, LIV Natural is dedicated to supporting local events and community sports programs that promote healthy lifestyles. LIV Natural is gluten free and Kosher.

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About Ritorna Natural:
Princeton-based Ritorna Natural, Inc., maker of LIV Natural, was formed in 2005. The company aims to create and market products that promote a healthy approach to life, nutrition and athletic training. Ritorna produces its LIV Natural products at H.A. Rider in Watsonville CA.