Calistoga Reinvigorates Flagship Brand and Introduces New Line of Beverages

CALISTOGA, CA, July 11 – Consumers across Northern California will now have additional beverage choices as Calistoga Beverage Company (Calistoga) announces the reinvigoration of its flagship brand.

In an announcement today, Calistoga, a Northern California-based company for more than 80 years, unveiled its plans to increase investment in Calistoga(R) Brand Mineral Water with a special brand re-launch and an aggressive growth and marketing plan. The company plans to triple the business over the next three years with an invigorated, Northern-California-focused marketing campaign to support Calistoga Brand Mineral Water and the introduction of a new line of Sparkling Juice Organic Beverages with a mineral water base.

“Calistoga represents more than crisp, clean and refreshing mineral water,” said Chris Canning, Director, Calistoga Beverage Company. “Our roots reach back to times when food was really simple, with no over-engineering. The ‘Return to Good’ campaign represents just that. It is a call to action for consumers who thirst for all-natural products and who actively participate in making their communities a better place to live.”

The Calistoga brand has long thrived with a strong, loyal consumer following. This campaign will bring the brand to a broader audience that shares the Calistoga way of life.

Highlights of the campaign include:
— A more focused distribution plan that leverages the company’s long-term relationships with exclusive local beverage distributors.

— New brand identity including logo, labeling and packaging for both sparkling and still mineral water.

— New upscale 1 liter glass bottles will be offered to retailers and dining establishments in Northern California.

— New advertising campaign throughout Northern California to run July through October.

— Increased commitment to charitable contributions and in-kind donations in Northern California communities.

— One unique mineral water source for all Calistoga brand beverage products and the introduction of new products, including Sparkling Juice Organic Beverages and Mandarin Orange Essence Sparkling Mineral Water.

The new line of Sparkling Juice Organic Beverages in cranberry apple, lemonade, peach passion fruit and black cherry flavors is expected to be in stores beginning July 2007. “Calistoga believes that all of our products should be all natural or organic,” stated Canning. “The launch of the organic sparkling juice beverages reinforces this philosophy. The organic juice beverage made with Calistoga Mineral Water complements Calistoga brand water products with the same high quality in a fruit-flavored beverage.”

The new look of Calistoga is now available from retailers and restaurants around the Bay Area. New products and an invigorated brand are just the first steps in Calistoga’s “Return to Good” campaign.

Community Roots
Since 1924, Calistoga Beverage Company has been a friend, neighbor and community partner in Northern California. The company continues to demonstrate its commitment to quality, goodness and strong ties to its local community. Throughout its history, Calistoga has been a local pillar in the community as the largest employer and taxpayer in the City of Calistoga.

The company has 119 employees, more than one-third of whom have been employed more than 10 years. Many current employees have served the company through multiple generations of their families.

While the breadth of Calistoga’s community involvement is extensive, it focuses on the core values of the company: Art & Entertainment, Education and Health & Fitness. Over the last year, Calistoga has given more than $100,000 to support its local hometown, and donated more than $75,000 of in-kind product and hours of employee time volunteering to support the community-based programs. The company has provided major support to Calistoga High School, the Calistoga Education Foundation, Calistoga Arts Center, the Napa Valley Marathon, Relay for Life and the Calistoga Community Pool Project.

About Calistoga Beverage Company
Calistoga Beverage Company, located in Northern California’s Napa Valley, has been serving high-quality, crisp, clean mineral water from its source since 1924. The brand consists of Calistoga(R) Brand Still and Sparkling Mineral Waters and a new line of Calistoga Brand Sparkling Juice Organic Beverages in a variety of flavors. After being sold to Nestle Waters North America in 1980, Calistoga Beverage Company has maintained the consistency of its 80 years of business in Northern California bottling and distributing water products. Calistoga Beverage Company continues to operate in a manner that is conscious of its deeply rooted past in order to ensure the integrity of its products in the future.