Bawls Guarana Partners with Shimano to Bring Bmx Style to its Sales Team!

@@img1 Miami, FL – July 17, 2007 – Taking their love for BMX on the road, BAWLS Guarana has teamed up with Shimano to outfit their sales team in Shimano’s most popular shoe! BAWLS sales representatives will now sport the Shimano SH MP56-L multipurpose cycling sneaker while hitting the pavement and creating relationships with retailers and BMX tracks across the country. Currently the Official Energy Drink of the American Bicycle Association (ABA) and the National Bicycle League (NBL), the partnership between BAWLS and Shimano further extends BAWLS’ support of BMX racing.
“Shimano was the first company to bring BMX specific clipless shoes and pedals to the BMX World in 1994. Today, 90 percent of the Elite Pros are racing with Shimano shoes,” said Shimano Marketing Representative Chad Roberts. “Our partnership with BAWLS provides one more way for athletes and spectators alike to interface with the latest in Shimano shoe technology and style.”  
The Shimano SH MP56-L is the perfect sneaker to keep BMX racers and fans bouncing on and off the track! The charcoal and gum-colored sneaker is rugged enough for BMX racing and street cycling. It protects the wearer’s ankles from injury and even prevents mud, dirt and water from entering the shoe. Not only is the design sleek and edgy, but it is also comfortable and easy to wear for everyday activities like, say, selling drinks to thirsty fans.
Through a sponsorship of both US-based BMX racing leagues, BAWLS Guarana is quickly becoming the Drink of Choice for BMXers nationwide. Tens of thousands of BMXers have sampled BAWLS Guarana to keep them bouncing down the track this season. BAWLS is also an active sponsor of BMX teams, as well as a retail partner with a growing network of BMX tracks in North America.
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BAWLS is the brainchild of entrepreneur Hoby Buppert, CEO of Hobarama, LLC, who named the beverage for the caffeinated “bounce” the drink packs. Widely distributed to local super markets, convenience stores (7-Eleven), Target stores, Metropark, CompUSA stores and gaming venues; BAWLS is a premium, non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage made from the guarana berry harvested in the Amazonian Rainforest. The caffeine found in BAWLS Guarana contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee and nearly three times that of traditional sodas due to a naturally occurring form of the stimulant found in the guarana berry. BAWLS’ unique refreshing flavor tastes like a citrus infused cream soda and its popularity continues to grow over a variety of different sectors including financial institutions, the fashion industry, technology businesses, military bases, extreme sports and college campuses. For more information, please visit