Representatives of all four world market leading groups – Nestlé, Danone, Coca-Cola and Pepsi – have now agreed to participate in the 4th Global Bottled Water Congress to be held from 12th to 14th September in Mexico City. The conference theme Sustainable Growth will bring together speakers from major producers, regional leaders and ground breaking innovators.
Nestlé will be giving the Keynote Address, Danone will be providing two speakers from Mexico and Argentina, Coca-Cola will be hosting a bottling plant tour and a Pepsi bottler from Pakistan will also be speaking. Other programme features include retail outlet visits and market briefings on flavoured and functional water as well as environmental and ethical issues.
The social highlight of the Congress will be a gala dinner for the presentation of the bottledwaterworld awards on 13th September at the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico in the city’s main square, Plaza de la Constitución.
“The global bottled water market has achieved strong growth from a combination of affordable convenience and health benefit,” commented Zenith International Chairman Richard Hall. “Future growth, however, will only be sustainable if the industry increases its attention to ethics and the environment at the same time as focusing on innovation and product enhancement. We are delighted to be hosted by the world’s third largest bottled water market this year to gain a truly global perspective on these issues.”
The Global Bottled Water Congress is organised by industry experts Zenith International in association with industry journal bottledwaterworld. The event provides a complete overview of the latest trends and developments from around the world as well as extensive time for networking and debate. The 2006 Congress visited San Pellegrino in Italy and attracted over 250 delegates.
Event sponsors include Döhler Group, international producers of fruit juice concentrates and ingredients, Alcoa, leading global closure supplier, and health and safety certification experts NSF. 
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