CCL Container Helps Charitable Movement Become “Experienced” with the Jimi Hendrix Aluminum Bottle

Hermitage, PA – September 2007 – The legendary Jimi Hendrix left the music world awestruck by his talent, and shocked by his untimely death. Given his iconic stature, any product aspiring to bare his name had to live up to his larger-than-life legacy. So, when Beverage Concepts LLC licensed the name Jimi Hendrix for its new energy drink, an aluminum bottle manufactured by CCL Container was its first choice for unique, standout packaging.

When asked why Beverage Concepts went with an aluminum bottle, Kelly Kalichman, CXO/Chief Creative for Beverage Concepts, explained that the management team at Beverage Concepts knew that premium packaging was important to get distributors behind the product and to get retailers to give it shelf space.

“Our packaging had to be as different as Jimi himself,” says Kalichman. “And the graphics had to be vivid and powerful. We were told that CCL Container was the manufacturer that could give our bottle a distinctive shape and offer us any number of graphic and closure options. That certainly proved to be the case.”

According to Ed Martin, vice president of sales and marketing for CCL, Beverage Concepts wanted unlimited creative freedom when it came to designing a product in honor of Hendrix. “We believe we were the right source for Beverage Concepts because of its desire for an aluminum bottle that would enhance the iconic nature of the artist and draw attention to an important cause. Our shaping technology offered a great opportunity for product differentiation in a resealable package.

The brand name of the beverage line, The Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience, comes from not only Jimi’s band, but also the breakthrough album entitled “Are You Experienced?” And the product is being distributed to make a difference in the world. Beverage Concepts formed The Liquid Experience Group in order to raise money for members of the music world facing difficult times, and to raise public and corporate awareness about the cause.

“The beverage is simply a vehicle to generate the funds necessary to accomplish our goals,” says Kalichman. “We’re passionately committed to creating programs designed for protecting artists’ rights and looking out for their well-being, and we hope to become a model for corporate philanthropy.”

Currently, the drink is generating revenue for the cause in major chains and convenience stores in most states, but a distribution explosion is about to take place as Beverage Concepts gears up for the 40th anniversary of the album. “We have created an elite distribution network from both a domestic and global standpoint and we are adding to it every day,” says Kalichman. “And everywhere we go we’re out to do just what Jimi did…shatter musical convention. Those words are right on the bottle.”

“Our drink is incredibly delicious. It is the best tasting within the new generation of energy drinks, and more refreshing than anything else out there,” comments Kalichman. The Jimi Hendrix Liquid Experience will soon be extended into new taste areas: one citric flavored and one tropical. The company also plans to introduce a vitamin infused formula in the near future.

Along with new flavors, a major cause-marketing campaign is also in the works. Meanwhile, The Liquid Experience Group has set up a network of brand ambassadors who are creating demand on a grassroots level, appealing to music lovers around the world at special events and through a growing online community. In addition to helping career musicians and recording artists through difficult times, The Liquid Experience Group hopes to encourage people to become involved in a movement of charitable living, and further hopes to be a model for corporate philanthropy.

CCL received industry-wide recognition when it designed and produced the world’s first aluminum beer bottle. Since that crowd-pleasing debut, CCL Container has been a driving force in the production of impact-extruded aluminum bottles and has been on the forefront of new product introductions in every beverage category imaginable.

Beyond CCL’s pioneering work in the aluminum bottle sector, the company continues to make advances in every other area of modern container design and manufacturing. CCL Container is North America’s leading producer of impact-extruded aluminum packaging. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in Hermitage, PA, Penetang, Ontario and Mexico City, Mexico. All facilities are ISO 9002 Registered. Visit and For more information on CCL’s products and services, please contact: Ed Martin, Vice President, Sales and Marketing CCL Container Tel: (203) 354-4523 Fax: (302)354-4524 E-mail: CCL Container U.S.