SAN FRANCISCO, CA – There must be something special in the water at Metromint. On the heels of their latest release, the original mintwater has just gotten one variety longer. Following its Chocolatemint launch earlier this year, Metromint has announced the introduction of new Cherrymint, the brand’s sixth variety to complement its award-winning line of cooling mintwaters.   

New Cherrymint is the combination of cherry essence, pure water and real mint.   The new variety has Metromint seeing red, as the Cherrymint launch adds yet another new color to its familiar dot-inspired packaging design. The new variety will carry a -5 ‘chill factor’ rating, the numerical scale that measures each varieties range of mint refreshment.

As cool trends go, Metromint itself is one hot water. It has become the fastest growing brand in its category, combining the properties of both enhanced and flavored waters. Since launching just four years ago, it has deeply connected with a fan base that includes Hollywood A-listers, fitness fanatics and on-the-go parents seeking unsweetened alternatives to keep kids hydrated. 

Engineered for refreshment, Metromint combines pure water and real mint, the brand’s signature ingredient and the cornerstone to its unique and extraordinary taste.

“Our portfolio has expanded rapidly to meet demand from our fast-growing customer and partner base,” said Scott Lowe, president, referring to the brand’s consumer fanaticism. “Cherrymint is the perfect complement to our existing line of pure, hydrating mintwaters,” Lowe said.

About Metromint

Metromint is a pure, natural and unsweetened mintwater produced and distributed by San Francisco-based Soma Beverage Company, LLC., an innovative brand leader widely recognized for pioneering the mintwater beverage category. Since launching in 2004 by founders Rio Miura and Scott Lowe, the original, award-winning mintwater has become one of the top 10 selling premium waters in the natural food sector.

A company that carefully balances science, through a state-of-the-art purification process – with nature, through its pesticide-free natural ingredients, Metromint combines the essences of peppermint, spearmint, lemon, orange, cocoa bean and cherry to produce a family of waters with no sweeteners, no preservatives and no calories. 

Since its debut, Metromint has developed strong appeal with health and fitness avids and sports fanatics alike. In 2007, Metromint entered into a sponsorship agreement with Olympic soccer gold medalist, Lindsay Tarpley.   

Metromint Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemonmint, Orangemint, Chocolatemint and Cherrymint varieties ($1.39-$1.69 suggested retail) are available in stores nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Safeway Naturals and numerous other natural and specialty food outlets.   To discover more about Metromint, including its affiliations, available stores and locations,