The Masters of Beverages launch Spider Energy


Corona, CA, October 5, 2009 – Finally an energy drink that taste great and works! Spider Energy™ Drink was developed for the consumer. We listened to consumers tell us over and over again “I like what energy drinks do for me, but I can’t stand the taste” so with that in mind we pulled double duty in the lab and came up with a dynamic formula.

Spider Energy™ Drink contains much of the same ingredients as most energy drinks, however with a slightly higher level of B-vitamins and Caffeine to give hard core energy drink consumers what they are looking for. The BIG difference is taste, we taste tested Spider Energy™ Drink and hands down, hard core energy drink consumers choose our taste over the leading competitors. The winning flavor is a blend of citrus fruits that gives Spider Energy™ a smooth taste like no other, and with no aftertaste.

The launch of Spider Energy™ Drink will be supported by an aggressive market introduction to include a strong retailer deal and sales incentive for the distributor sales personnel. Unique point of sale materials are in development to include a die-cut hanging spider that hangs from the ceiling, like a spider hanging from a web, among other great spider themed POS. The possibilities are unlimited of what we can do in terms of design and development stated Pete Algarin the creator of Spider Energy™. “We are in this game to succeed and so far so good, we have interested consumers and retailers from all over the country requesting the brand. It’s amazing how social networking has given us the ability to connect with so many consumers telling us how much they love the name and look of Spider Energy™”.

Spider Energy™ Drink has signed some endorsements with local bands and athletes to promote the launch and will continue to seek opportunities for additional sponsorships. Details of current endorsements can be found on Spider’s web or blog.

About The Masters of Beverages, LLC

We are a company owned and managed by two key beverage professionals with over 60 years of beverage related experience. The founder Pete Algarin started his beverage career in 1989 working for Golden Brands Marketing. Over the years Pete has worked for many successful new age beverage companies to include Arizona Iced Tea, Hansen Beverage Company, Monster Energy and Cadbury Schweppes (Dr Pepper/Snapple) managing some of the largest beverage distributors, soft drink bottlers and retailers in the country.

Co-owner Theodore (Ted) Molakides brings leadership and marketing experience to the table. Ted was the co-owner of Golden Brands Beverage Distributors, Inc., which at the time was the largest beer distributor in the San Francisco market with annual sales above $70 million and 60% market share. For 20 years Ted was President of the soft drink division Golden Brands Marketing. The company marketed products through a network of 50 distributors on the West Coast with products marketed to include (Perrier, Orangina, Jolt Cola, Evian Waters and Clearly Canadian).

Together Pete and Ted know what it takes to be successful. Each has a unique approach to the beverage business and together they share one common goal – Make great products that consumers will enjoy drinking and connect with. In addition, they are fair businessmen “We want our distributor partners to be successful with our brands and we will help them get there with the brands we sell with them”.