TriPharma Launches the World’s First Patented, Clinically Tested Weight Loss Water

LAGUNA BEACH, CA (Sept. 25, 2009)-TriPharma, LLC announces the launch of SoLeau (pronounced “Solo”, like Glaceau), the world’s first weight loss water that contains a proprietary, patented and clinically tested ingredient that can regulate the hormones Leptin and Adiponectin. These hormones play a key role in regulating appetite and fat storage. In fact, Leptin is so important for controlling body weight that it has often been hailed as the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss.”

In a placebo controlled double-blind human clinical trial, participants taking the active ingredient in SoLeau averaged 21 pounds of weight loss in 8 weeks. More importantly, 15 pounds of the weight lost was in the form of body fat, not muscle – the cornerstone of healthy weight loss. Those taking the active ingredient in SoLeau showed a significant improvement in virtually all body composition markers, especially the critical abdominal, or “gut” fat.

The active ingredient is SoLeau was researched and developed over 7 years at the University of Minnesota in response to the discovery of Leptin by scientists in 1994. Leptin and Adiponectin send critical messages to the brain that control appetite and fat storage. Consuming SoLeau can assist in regulating these key hormone levels, to ensure the brain receives the proper message to stop eating and to stop storing excess fat.

SoLeau was developed in response to the problem of globesity. There are presently 2.5 billion people that are overweight, worldwide. This problem continues to worsen and has become the scourge of global healthcare. TriPharma determined that there was a paucity of true functional weight loss foods and beverages that legitimately offered solutions for this pandemic.

Consequently, after several years in development, SoLeau is the first beverage of its kind that can claim a bona fide scientific mechanism of action and clinical substantiation for weight and fat loss. Most other products have no basis in science, no clinical substantiation and no propriety. Unlike these other products, SoLeau is not a “me too” product. University patented, clinically proven and with a published study, SoLeau is a true functional food-a category creator. Moreover, SoLeau is great tasting, all natural and has no known side effects. SoLeau is a product that can be taken for life, to improve life.

SoLeau Weight Loss Water is available in 16 oz. servings in two delicious flavors-Pink Lemonade (Pink) and Fruit Punch (Red), and will also be available in stick pack form later this year.$0 $0 $0 $0For more information, please contact Greg Guss at SoLeau Weight Loss Water at 805-660-4755 or at$0