Hip-Hop Artist Maino Featured on New My Purple Stuff Website


HOUSTON, April 7 /PRNewswire/ — The makers of Superliminal Purple Stuff(TM) Pro-Relaxation Formula(R) have launched a new website featuring hip-hop artist Maino (http://www.mypurplestuff.com). Superliminal Purple Stuff(TM) is reaching everywhere these days – this month the relaxation drink is featured in NY star Maino’s video “All The Above,” (Featuring T-Pain) the 1st hit single from the new album, “If Tomorrow Comes,” and the number one requested new song on urban radio.

Maino is seen in the video drinking Superliminal Purple Stuff(TM) which will be seen by millions of fans on MTV, MTV2, Fuse, BET, and VH1. “All The Above” is already a great success for the artist debuting in the top ten on iTunes downloads.

“In 2009, consumers will be getting the bigger picture of what Funktional Beverages is up to,” says Darrell Duchesneau, CEO of Funktional Beverages. “Purple Stuff is gaining high visibility within one of its top demographics in the music video “All The Above,” after only nine months of being on the market. Now we are rolling out Supraliminal Labs Red Stuff Energy(TM) across the U.S. which will soon be followed by more Funktional colored beverages.”

Purple Stuff is an anti-anxiety drink that helps you focus and calms you down. To create the calming effect, Purple Stuff has only a small amount of crystalline fructose, a natural sugar that metabolizes slowly and is suitable for diabetics. Rosehips and valerian root are combined with L-Theanine, the active ingredient in green tea, for the magic bullet. Purple Stuff also contains high quality fruit essences for a calming aroma, while the pure mineral water from an Artesian well adds the complexity to the taste.

Duchesneau comments on the launch of Supraliminal Labs Red Stuff(TM) into the market…

“Red Stuff is the best tasting energy shot on the market, but everyone says that… so I will say we are the first energy shot that does not taste like liquid aspirin. It has a caffeine hit like a Cuban Espresso coffee, along with the calming ingredients of Purple Stuff, so your heart doesn’t race and you can focus your mind on work tasks. Everything we do is geared towards fun and youth and high quality nutrition.”

Duchesneau has 25 years of experience in manufacturing fresh juices and custom bar mixes for restaurants and hotel chains.

Funktional Beverages has staying power, with knowledgeable and experienced executives running the company.

Randy Traver is the Chief Operating Officer, with decades in beer distribution with Miller and with Anheuser Busch.

Tim Lucas, Chief Marketing Officer, was head of marketing for Internet America at the time he was bribed away.

Executive VP Shannon Thompson is a service industry expert from the chain restaurant business, along with a decade of soda distributorship experience.

Congratulations Maino on your huge hit!

Thanks for drinking Purple Stuff…you have put us on the map with millions of teenagers.

Purple Stuff… everybody knows my name.




“All The Above”

For videos of Maino’s Music Video “All THE ABOVE”, The Purple Stuff Magician, the Red Stunt Plane and more information, visit http://www.mypurplestuff.com Contact Funktional Beverages, Inc. at (877) FBI-ROKS / (877) 324-7657

Superliminal Purple Stuff(TM) and Supraliminal Labs Red Stuff Energy(TM) are distributed across 30 states within the United States and internationally in New Zealand. For information on where you can purchase these products contact your local Anheuser-Busch or Miller/Coors distributor.