Hawaiian Springs LLC Bottles America’s Paradise, Delivers Essence of Hawaii to Mainland Through One of Freshest Bottled Waters Available


COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hawaiian Springs LLC, a premier natural water brand recognized for bottling some of the purest and most sustainable waters in the world, today announced it has expanded operations to the U.S. mainland. This expansion enhances Hawaiian Springs’ ability to provide its young, natural artesian water to mainland customers. Distributed predominately in the Hawaiian Islands since 1995, the authentic bottled water is now sold at leading health food retailers including Whole Foods and Mother’s Market, and soon will be available through additional stores across the U.S. mainland. Hawaiian Springs captures the Arctic rains that fall over the Big Island of Hawaii and bottles it within 30 days-making it one of the freshest waters available.

“We believe Hawaiian Springs will be incredibly well received by discerning, health-conscious consumers throughout the United States,” said Rick Hadley, chairman and CEO of Hawaiian Springs. “While other processed waters can leach minerals and nutrients from the body, Hawaiian Springs natural water is filtered through 13,000 feet of volcanic rock and is among the purest in the world.”

Naturally Healthy

Sourced pure and crystal clear with a low mineral content, Hawaiian Springs provides good health and hydration in every bottle. With an alkaline pH level of 7.7-among the highest in the natural water category-and naturally enhanced with electrolytes, the water provides essential nourishment for proper hydration and athletic performance. In addition, Hawaiian Springs requires no heavy filtration, reverse osmosis or vapor distillation, which results in water that absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and can remove minerals and nutrients from the human body. Hawaiian Springs natural artesian water replenishes, refreshes and restores and is ideal for individuals leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Only “Young” Bottled Water

From the clouds above Mauna Loa, Hawaiian Springs water journeys through layers of volcanic rock to the Kea’au aquifer, where it spends very little time before being harvested for shipment. The Kea’au waters have been named some of the purest in the world by the U.S. Geological Survey. This young water is free from the environmental contaminants that can accumulate when the water lays dormant underground for extended periods of time. Bottled “at the source” in the finest European tradition, Hawaiian Springs stands above processed waters bottled in Hawaii and elsewhere around the world.

Sustainability and Ecosystem Support

Committed to environmental protection, Hawaiian Springs makes a concerted effort to minimize waste and preserve its flourishing local ecosystem. With a sustainable use rating of 740 million gallons per day, the Hawaiian Springs aquifer is one of the most robust and healthiest in the world. In addition, Hawaiian Springs protects natural resources by acquiring production materials from local Hawaiian suppliers, and by using fewer materials and fuel miles from water source to market. As part of its commitment to preserving Hawaii’s most cherished resources-its natural flora, fauna and ecosystem-Hawaiian Springs serves on the Corporate Council for the Environment for the Nature Conservancy in Hawaii.

World-Renowned Water

Recognized as one of the world’s finest waters by “water sommelier” Dr. Michael Mascha, author of Fine Waters, A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Most Distinctive Bottled Water, Hawaiian Springs is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing natural water from one of the most pristine sources on earth for consumer enjoyment worldwide. Already voted “Best of the Best” by Hawaiian consumers, the premium water combines world-class quality with American-made value. This product excellence is reflected in the award-winning packaging, which features a glass-like, tapered bottle and elegant graphics. Its aesthetic appeal earned it a 2008 Beverage World Global Packaging award.

About Hawaiian Springs LLC

Hawaiian Springs began bottling its young, natural artesian water in February 1995. In the years that followed, the water-which comes from the extraordinary Big Island of Hawaii-has achieved distribution throughout all the islands, making it Hawaii’s favorite local water. Drawn from an artesian well at the base of Mauna Loa, Hawaiian Springs bottles its water at the source, directly from the aquifer to its bottling facility. Freshness, purity and a naturally sweet taste distinguish Hawaiian Springs from other waters. Hawaiian Springs is sold by leading health food stores such as Whole Foods and Mother’s Market. For more information, please visit www.hawaiianspring.com.