Evian encourages tennis fans to live young

WHITE PLAINS – July 20, 2009 – For the second year, the Evian® Natural Spring Water brand will be the official bottled water of the Olympus US Open Series (OUSOS), which kicks off in Indianapolis from July 18 – 26 at the Indianapolis Tennis Center. Throughout the series, Evian will tastefully bring to life its new “Live Young™” ad campaign, which embodies positive mindset (or attitude), youthful optimism and an active, yet sophisticated lifestyle – all attributes inherent to the spirit of Evian as well as the tennis community.

From July 18 through August 25, Evian will help replenish players and fans throughout all eight tournaments in seven cities leading up to the US Open in Flushing Meadows, NY (where Evian will celebrate its 24th year sponsorship). These cities include Indianapolis, IN; Stanford, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Carson, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Washington D.C.; and New Haven, CT.

“This partnership celebrates a vibrant community which exemplifies Evian’s passion for a youthful mindset, one that is optimistic, and bursting with an infectious energy and love of life,” said Jérôme Goure, vice president of marketing for Danone Waters of America. ” ‘Live Young™’ is the definitive expression of the brand’s values-origin, health and youth-all themes that resonate with the OUSOS experience – the ultimate in tennis. The Evian brand is a natural partner for premium event experiences, which is why we’re thrilled to sponsor the OUSOS for a second year.”

Evian bottled water is naturally pure, untouched by man and uniquely balanced in minerals, and will be available for purchase in 500mL and 1L sizes throughout tournament grounds.

For more information about the brand, visit www.EvianLiveYoung.com.

About Evian Natural Spring Water

Bottled since 1826, Evian Natural Spring Water is the world’s #1 brand of premium natural spring water. Every drop of Evian takes more than 15 years to filter through mineral rich glacial sands in the pristine French Alps. Bottled at the source in a state of the art facility, Evian comes from the Cachat Spring located on the Southern shore of Lake Geneva, in the town of Evian-les-Bains. Evian provides a uniquely balanced mineral composition and subtle flavor as a product of its unhurried journey.

Today, Evian Natural Spring Water is a brand of Danone, a global leader in the food industry and a leading producer of packaged water, dairy, infant nutrition and medical nutrition products. The mission of Danone is to bring health through food to as many people as possible. Evian first entered the U.S. market in 1978, where it was served in the finest bars and restaurants in distinctive glass bottles, and is now accepted as the most premium natural spring water for those, including many of the entertainment industry’s elite, who like to treat themselves to the very best.

More information can be found on Evian’s Web sites: www.Evian.com and www.ShopEvian.com.