Inko’s White Tea partners with two distributors to serve New Jersey and Arizona markets

New York, NY (September 3, 2009) – Inko’s LLC, the first and only beverage company solely dedicated to producing and marketing all-natural, ready-to-drink (RTD) white teas, today announced the signing of two DSD (Direct Store Delivery) contracts. Respectively, they are with Arizona’s Spike Beverage and New Jersey’s Crescent Beverage.

Crescent and Spike bring the number of DSD-channel distributors of Inko’s to 19. Inko’s also serves 32 natural- and specialty-market distributor divisions, which encompasses the majority of distribution points across the United States. However, the large reach of both Spike and Crescent into key mainstream markets puts both companies at the very top of the Inko delivery chain.

“A healthy, low calorie, low caffeine alternative is not the easiest beverage to market to mainstream consumers,” said Andy Schamisso, founder and president of Inko’s LLC. “However, slowly turns the tide and year after year real growth in health-beverage demand creates opportunities for those that see the shift and take action. Both Crescent and Spike are at the forefront of providing healthy drink options to their customers and we’re certainly grateful to be associated with them.”

Published studies show that tea in general, and white tea in particular, have superior health benefits with regard to cancer prevention and, since coming to market in 2003, Inko’s has made quarterly donations to cancer research studies specific to white tea.

Established in 2002, Manhattan-based Inko’s LLC is dedicated to bringing the unique taste and healthy benefits of white tea to those people who would never allow themselves and/or their children to drink sugar-laden beverages. To learn more about Inko’s and where you can purchase the tea, please call toll free at 866-747-INKO and visit