Evolution Juices launch redesigned package

Geyrhalter Design, the Los Angeles based design agency that specializes in creating Brand Atmospheres™ for their mixed vertical clientele, just launched a large re-design for California based Evolution Fresh, the independent and family owned juice company, run by chefs and master juice makers.

The 98 labels for the popular, all-natural, Evolution brand, and its mirrored private label ‘Harvest’ juice line, is being sold in over 500 stores along the West Coast including Whole Foods, Pavillions and Gelsons. Celebrated as the freshest juice available, Geyrhalter Design, together with the owner and marketing director of Evolution Fresh, took on the challenge of giving the brand a fresh and clean new look while staying true to its independent and free spirited roots.

Geyrhalter Design focused its effort on creating a consistent brand image. By introducing a revised red identity to go along with all-red caps it enabled the brand to stand out from direct competitors such as Naked and Odwalla. The label stock was changed to matte laminated finish, which created a semi-metallic effect when refrigerated and added to the fresh feel that was sought after. While creating a uniform look, a unique color was picked to compliment each juice, giving it a visual flavor and making it easier for the customer to identify a specific juice on the crowded market shelves. The whimsical illustrations were carried over from the original design to make it easy for customers to recognize their product and keep the home-made feel that is so important to the product.

“Besides illustrating around 50 vegetables and fruits for the back label, the biggest challenge was to find appropriate colors for each flavor that work with the brand mark red as well as differentiate enough from the other SKU’s,” states Kari Yu, the lead design team member of the project. “It started as a clean-up initiative of the former labels, and it really opened a whole slew of layout concerns, leading up to this re-design. We are now working on strengthening the brand further through social media initiatives, shelf talkers and a new web site. It feels great keeping this wonderful brand ‘fresh’ for nearly a decade now,” explains Geyrhalter.

For Geyrhalter Design it was a unique labor of love, Evolution being one of the companys’ first clients, who enabled Owner and Creative Director Fabian Geyrhalter to move the operations from a garage setting into an office space, which in its beginning was shared with Evolution’s marketing team, 9 years ago.

Geyrhalter Design is a Los Angeles based full service communication design and branding agency that builds Brand Atmospheres™, comprehensive visual identities.