Bach Flower Drink to be launched at pre-Oscar party

(Irvine, – March 4, 2010) Flower essences, developed by British physician and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach, are acclaimed by naturopathic doctors around the world as a natural, therapeutic treatment for mental wellbeing and emotional balance.

Now, southern California-based Maayan, LLC is bringing the healing power of Bach flower essences to U.S. consumers with the introduction of MindEssential™ Relax, the first of its innovative line of all-natural, functional beverages that help consumers reach their full potential. MindEssential™ Relax will make a red carpet debut in the U.S. market on Thursday, March 4 at a pre-Oscar party at Beverly Hill’s Luxe Hotel – and what an opportune place to launch. With nerves running high over will get the Academy’s nod, MindEssential™ Relax will help nominees feel calmer and more relaxed. Formulated with a patented fusion of six flower essences, including elm to overcome feelings of being overwhelmed and impatiens to increase patience, MindEssential™ Relax helps the mind let go of unproductive thoughts and emotions and restores emotional balance, an important factor in good physical and mental health.

Regular, daily use of MindEssential™ Relax gives consumers a renewed sense of confidence and control to help them lead happier, healthier and more productive lives. MindEssential™ Relax is enhanced only with pure water, natural flavors and the plant-derived sweeteners Stevia and Erythritol and contains no sugar, preservatives, hormones, drugs or chemicals.

Calorie-free and packaged in BPA-free designer bottles, the product is beneficial to anyone looking to release emotional tension caused by stress, anxiety, impatience or feelings of being overwhelmed. “People live with an incredible amount of stress and often have difficulty finding ways to truly relax,” said Orly Glick, CEO of Maayan, LLC.

“Countless studies have shown how an imbalance of emotions can lead to a variety of illnesses, making relaxation a critical, preventative measure for a healthy lifestyle. MindEssential™ Relax gives people peace of mind knowing they are taking an important step toward good health in an all-natural way, backed by years of successful treatment by leading practitioners of naturopathic medicine around the world.”

About Maayan, LLC

A pioneer in the functional beverage industry, Maayan, LLC is the first U.S. manufacturer to introduce homeopathic water drinks derived from emotionally restorative Bach flower essences, known throughout the world for their powerful healing properties. The Irvine, Calif. company’s patented formula provides the basis for its MindEssential™ brand, an innovative line of all-natural, therapeutic drinks designed to achieve emotional balance and to promote mental wellbeing. Ideal for consumers of all ages, Maayan’s calorie-free beverages contain no sugar, preservatives, hormones, drugs or chemicals and are packaged in BPA-free bottles. For more information visit