Bigelow “Shakes Up” The Category With New Coconut Water and Green Tea Mixes

Fairfield, CT (September 2011) – Coconut water, one of nature’s most nutritional drinks, is gaining a stronghold in the marketplace. Bigelow has coupled all of the nutritional benefits of Coconut Water with the delicious flavor of Bigelow Green Tea, and we’ve got a winner!

Although a relative newcomer to the mainstream beverage industry, U.S. sales of coconut water have soared, making it the fastest growing new beverage category worldwide.

Coconut water has been enjoyed for thousands of years by people all around the globe. In addition to its qualities of taste and refreshment, coconut water is rich in electrolytes, essential minerals used by the body. The electrolytes in coconut water are balanced in the same ratios as they are in the human body, making coconut water an “isotonic” drink. It is an ideal beverage for rehydrating the body and replenishing our bodies supply of minerals like sodium, potassium and phosphorous.

Who drinks coconut water? Active, health-minded adults, teens, children, and athletes, are all early adopters of this new beverage trend. Responding to consumer demand, Bigelow introduces three innovative Coconut Water entries that have been masterfully blended with green tea and other luscious flavors from the Bigelow Tea Company:

Bigelow Coconut Water and Green Tea Mix
Integrates both the delicate flavor of green tea and the rich bold taste of coconut water harmoniously
Bigelow Coconut Water and Pomegranate Acai Green Tea Mix
Infuses the natural sweetness of pomegranate and acai berry flavors with green tea for powerfully refreshing taste
Bigelow Coconut Water and Mango Green Tea Mix
Adds a tantalizing taste of the tropics with tangy notes of mango

100% Natural and Good For You Benefits!

Each new Bigelow Coconut Water and Green Tea Mix offers healthy antioxidant Vitamin C along with electrolytes (potassium, sodium and phosphorous). They are 100% all natural, gluten free, fat free, free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. At just 50 calories per 16.9 oz serving, it provides the nutritional value of:

  • 400mg potassium, about as much as a small banana
  • 100mg or 10%RDI phosphorous, as much as 2 cups raw cauliflower
  • 20% RDI Vitamin C, as much as 2 cups of cherries

Bigelow Coconut Water and Green Tea Mixes have a balance of potassium and sodium which is best suited for the body to use, making it a delicious drink that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. This balance is often not seen in traditional sports drinks.

Ultra Convenience, Great Value

The Bigelow family of master tea blenders has skillfully used a gentle drying process to make coconut water, green tea and natural flavors into a dried mix which is easy to use, portable and dissolves quickly into water.

“Now people can take any bottled, filtered or tap water, add in a packet of their favorite Bigelow Coconut Water and Green Tea Mix, and transform ordinary water into a uniquely delicious drink that’s good for the whole family,” says Cindi Bigelow, President of Bigelow Tea. “We’ve designed it to be perfectly portable, in convenient packets that fit anywhere – purse, pocket, backpack or gym bag. I even keep a few in the glove compartment of my car.”

Just shake it with water when ready to drink or make ahead and put it in the lunch box or a Sippy cup. It also makes delicious, healthful frozen pops!

The full line launched this June with an SRP of $5.99. Packed 6 to a box in individual portions, each flavor “stick” is just 50 calories per 16.9 oz serving making Bigelow Coconut Water and Green Tea Mix more economical than ready-to-drink waters: only 6¢ per fl. oz. versus 18¢.

When drinking Bigelow’s new line of Coconut Water with Green Tea Mixes, consumers can have it all: a natural source of rehydrating electrolytes, refreshment, ultimate convenience and above all superb flavor. No matter how you shake it up, it’s an all around win-win!

Cindi Bigelow would love to tell you more about new Bigelow Coconut Water and Green Tea Mix.  Check out the Coconut Water and Green Tea Mix video.


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