CLICK Espresso Protein Drink New “Gourmet Coffee” Look and Feel

FRESNO, CA (September, 2011) – CLICK Espresso Protein Drink® has a reputation as a great tasting, frappe-style beverage that health-conscious consumers appreciate as CLICK provides the gourmet taste and energy they crave along with protein, vitamins and minerals their body needs. With CLICK’s newly released packaging, consumers now understand that CLICK is not just another protein shake. With a double-shot of espresso coffee, CLICK is their gourmet, coffee-house drink enhanced with protein, vitamins and minerals to support their health and weight management goals.

“CLICK is a stand-out, first to the market product,” claims company co-founder Greg Smith “our original packaging was very Apple-like, clean, and sleek. It did stand-out, but the consumer had to read the label to understand the uniqueness of the product. As CLICK rolled out into stores nationwide, the feedback from retailers as well as consumers indicated our packaging needed to better communicate that CLICK is a multi-functional coffee beverage not just another protein shake with coffee flavoring.”

CLICKco LLC worked with Design Five the original creators of the CLICK logo and packaging. “Getting the clear messaging is a challenge for innovative products like CLICK” according to Ron Nikkel, President of Design Five, “while we received great feedback on the eye-catching design of the original, the fact that CLICK can be a healthier alternative to a consumer’s favorite gourmet coffee house drink did not come across.”

The new label now features a glass of CLICK in a gourmet coffee cup, a distinct difference from the image of a protein shake, highlighting another unique feature CLICK offers; a protein drink that can be enjoyed hot as well as cold. Another significant change is highlighting the two flavors. The CLICK mocha flavor now comes in a canister with a rich, chocolaty background while the CLICK Vanilla Latte flavor is featured with a creamy white background. The CLICK logo remains intact as the CLICK branding message about living an active, healthy lifestyle is still the key component of the branding message.

In conjunction with the new look and feel of the packaging, also has a new look and feel. “Our website better communicates for the CLICK consumer how they can get more from their coffee drink and especially these days, more is better” shares Kelli Arbuckle, Marketing Manager for CLICKco. Whether it’s as an all-in-one morning meal replacement, a nutritional supplement to your work-out or an afternoon, pick-me-up snack, the new site better communicates these benefits to our consumers.” In addition, the site is integrated with Word Press so consumers now have access to up to the minute news and giveaways allowing CLICKco to readily publish press releases.

Why coffee and protein?

“From the 15 grams of high quality protein, the gourmet espresso coffee and the 23 essential vitamins and minerals packed into each serving, we have always been proud of what goes into CLICK,” states Greg Smith. “With CLICK we believe we are helping people stay energized, get their nutrition, support their weight loss goals and enjoy a delicious treat. It is hard not to be proud of that.”

Recent studies suggest that, when combined with an active lifestyle, a diet high in protein promotes natural weight loss by curbing the appetite and reducing calorie intake. Diets high in protein may also help reduce blood fat levels and maintain lean tissue.1 Now a healthy, natural weight loss solution is just a CLICK away.

CLICK, the boost your energy, curb your appetite, and burn fat so you can perform drink™, is available at,,,, and is CLICK’n in The Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide.

About CLICK (

CLICK is the brainchild of Greg and Beth Smith, a Fresno, California couple who owned a small chain of women’s fitness centers. The Smiths were seeking a delicious, healthy beverage for their members in response to the growing wall of sugar based energy and espresso drinks on the market. Their simple solution – a protein based, espresso, all-in-one energy drink – that makes you feel that you are doing something good for yourself one cup at a time.

CLICKco LLC located in Clovis, CA strives to be an ethical company providing better-for-you premium all-in-one beverages to enhance those seeking healthier lifestyles. For more information, log on to