BLUEO4 Announces New California Distribution with Skyscraper Distributing Company

MONTVERDE, FL (October 4, 2012) O4LLC, leading beverage manufacturer and pioneer of BLUEO4 – Stabilized Oxygen Enhanced Water Beverage, today announced an agreement with Skyscraper Distributing Company (City of Industry CA), to distribute its 20oz BLUEO4 product that will be exclusively available throughout the California distributors territory. This territory includes approximately 1100 retail outlets.

“BLUEO4 debut with Skyscraper Distributing marks the first time the brand is being sold in a multi-bottle package and available to be purchased in quantity on the west coast,” said Dr. Hardat, founder, O4 LLC/BLUEO4. “This exclusive partnership is a huge step forward for the adaptation of BLUEO4 among mainstream consumers, granting us the opportunity to reach an entirely new demographic of shoppers, while also offering fans of the brand a new opportunity to satisfy their craving for the product more easily.”

BLUEO4 is a natural, 41 mineral/electrolyte oxygenated enhanced water beverage product, with 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 chlorites, and 0 fluoride. It is pH balanced with the highest amount of fixed bio available oxygen. Benefits of elevated oxygen levels in the body include reduction of muscle fatigue, reduction of lactate acid build up, increase pure energy – oxygen, reduction of muscle cramping, reduction of recovery time from injuries and exertion, increase in alertness, flush toxins and impurities, reduction of headaches, stress, fatigue, jet lag and altitude sickness, and a general increases
in overall health and wellness.

BLUEO4 ownership also includes NBA star Tracy McGrady and World Wrestling Entertainment/Professional Body Builder David Otunga.

For more information on BLUEO4: WWW.BLUEO4.COM , Twitter @BLUEO4,

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