Gorilla Coffee Is the Newest Addition to Hit the Cold Brew Coffee Marketplace

NEW YORK, NY, JULY 27, 2012 – The popular Brooklyn based brand Gorilla Coffee known for their great tasting, premium coffee releases their very own ready-to-drink, pure black, cold brew coffee product to the marketplace. Customers and coffee aficionados alike can now purchase Gorilla Cold Brew at select stores and via online.

Gorilla Coffee, Brooklyn’s legendary coffee roaster, has launched the first shelf stable, ready-to-drink, 100 percent pure black, cold brew coffee in a 11oz. recyclable, resealable screwtop, tetrapak box that requires no refrigeration. The go-to Gorilla Cold Brew is a must try, year round, especially on a hot day. One can drink it straight from the box as is, pour it over ice or simply heat it up in a mug. It is the perfect amount, whether you are on the go, travelling or lounging, the 11oz. product yields two servings.

Gorilla Cold Brew is a tasty, unique blend of Rwanda Kigeyo and Brazil Pedra Roxa coffees. It’s not a concentrate like regular cold brew. The cold brew process gives Gorilla Cold Brew a smooth and delicious coffee flavor straight out of the box. Gorilla Cold Brew is completely pure black and has only two ingredients: coffee and water. It can also be customized per preference by adding milk, soymilk, agave, or sweeteners, etc.

Gorilla Cold Brew can be purchased at Metro Area Whole Foods, Union Market, the Gorilla Coffee flagship in Brooklyn, and other select stores including via online at www.gorillacoffee.com.

Gorilla Cold Brew comes from company, Gorilla Coffee that is dedicated to creating a revolutionary way to drink high quality, premium coffee. Gorilla Coffee is committed to excellence and uses premium coffee and no preservatives. For additional information on Gorilla Coffee, store locations, and or to purchase online, visit www.gorillacoffee.com or ‘Like’ them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/gorillacoffee and follow them on Twitter @gorillacoffee.