Hangover Joe’s The Hangover Recovery Shot Prepares for Global Expansion, Now Available in Thousands of Stores Nationwide

Quick-selling 2-Ounce Hangover Relief Shot Boosts Convenience Store Sales, Fulfills Market Need for Hangover Recovery Solution

Colorado Springs, CO (August 10, 2012) – Hangover Joe’s (OTCBB: HJOE), maker of The Hangover Recovery Shot™, USA’s #1 leading hangover recovery product, is noting quick growth and expansion to stores across the U.S., with plans to launch the brand in Canada, Australia and New Zealand by the end of September. With over 130 million hangovers occurring each month in the U.S. alone, the 2-ounce Hangover Joe’s The Hangover Recovery Shot—an official licensed product of “The Hangover” movie—has become one of the hottest selling products in convenience stores coast to coast.

The Hangover Recovery Shot is a functional lifestyle beverage, great for busy professionals, one-the-go travelers, blue collar workers or the average adult who wants to cut loose once in awhile but requires a speedy recovery the next morning. Made with natural ingredients and a small amount of caffeine, Hangover Joe’s The Hangover Recover Shot is a quick-seller for major chains like 7-Eleven and independent mom-and-pop shops alike, and readily available to prospective convenience stores through U.S. vendors McLane Company, Inc. and Core-Mark.

“Hangover Joe’s The Recovery Shot is made from natural ingredients and makes people feel better and more energized almost instantly,” said Hangover Joe’s co-founder Mike Jaynes. “Unlike other recovery shots that are made with ingredients you can barely pronounce or leave a bad taste in your mouth, our recovery shot tastes great and consists of natural ingredients like green tea leaf, acai fruit extracts, goji berry concentrate and vitamins B6 and B12. We have received high reviews—including a four-star rating from BevNET—for great taste.”

Hangover Joe’s instant branding with “The Hangover” movie and a high consumer demand for a healthy hangover remedy has quickly prompted the publically traded company to become the proven leader in the recovery shot niche market. With marked success in the U.S. since 2010, Hangover Joe’s The Hangover Recovery Shot plans to launch in Canada, New Zealand and Australia to meet the growing global demand for a healthy solution to pesky hangovers.

Hangover Joe’s Co-Founder Shawn Adamson said, “We want to make it easy and convenient for you to recover from a night of fun. You can trust The Hangover Recovery Shot will provide that quick boost of energy and natural vitamins you need to get through your busy day, no matter how hard you partied the night before. Stores around the country report customers purchasing The Recovery Shot even if they don’t have a hangover, claiming they love the taste and the quick reenergizing and refreshing effects of the shot.”

An officially licensed product of the Warner Brothers notorious “The Hangover” movie, the easy-to-drink shot keeps any night on the town from turning into a day-after nightmare. To order Hangover Joe’s now, visit www.hangoverjoes.com.

About Hangover Joe’s

Hangover Joe’s is the exclusive producer of The Hangover Recovery Shot, the official licensed product of The Hangover movie and the nation’s Number One selling hangover recovery product. Taken the morning after and featuring a patent-pending blend of antioxidants, vitamins and herbs, Hangover Joe’s Recovery Shot is the quickest way to overcome the day-after side effects of alcohol consumption. On July 25th Hangover Joe’s became a public traded company and is trading on the exchange as HJOE. For more information, visit www.hangoverjoes.com, check us out on Facebook, YouTube or follow us on Twitter @HangoverJoes.