Never Hungover – Say Goodbye to the Old ”Hair of the Dog”

(AUSTIN, TX) – Despite our better judgment, hangovers have become a growing epidemic affecting the 21 and over crowd. A self-inflicted one? Yes, but an epidemic nonetheless. Hitting the bar scene and enjoying cocktails while socializing or networking has become a regular fixture among adults. However, waking up with that nagging pit of nausea in your stomach coupled with a pounding headache is not exactly conducive to arising out of bed in a timely manner, much less getting through the day’s to-do list. Thankfully, the brilliant minds behind the Austin-based company, Never Hungover™, have found an all natural and doctor driven remedy to cure what ails you after a night of drinking.

Currently available in hundreds of stores in Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia, Never Hungover™ is quickly expanding to new markets to bring the familiar blue and yellow bottle to neighborhoods across the U.S. Although the brand was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, Never Hungover™ Founder and President, Parrish Whitaker was very selective when it came time to choose a location for company headquarters. Looking for a city that would embrace an all natural hangover prevention product with open arms, Whitaker knew Austin would be the perfect host and hub for his business. His decision was confirmed when he discovered Austin, Texas, specifically the 78701 area code, has more bars per square mile than any other zip code in the United States. Soon after formulating a fan base in the Austin area, the company saw fast expansion and success with their recent distribution partnership with Anheuser- Busch. Constantly entering new cities and markets, Never Hungover™ is currently available in over 500 stores in Austin TX and all 150 Food City Locations in Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky. The company has secured distribution into other cities in Texas, Ohio, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

“Our retailers have been consistently pleased with the how quickly the product sells,” said Whitaker. “One of our local distributors even said that Never Hungover™ was the most successfully distributed product they had seen in decades.”

Not only are bottles of Never Hungover™ appearing in new stores every day, but customers can also order the product online for easy and discreet home delivery. Whitaker discovered the specific blend of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins after his sister’s recovery period post kidney transplant surgery was drastically improved as a result of the drink. Diagnosed with Lupus in 2006, Whitaker’s sister received a kidney from their father to help save her from the autoimmune disease. Both patients’ recoveries were enhanced by their doctor’s orders to drink the nutrient-rich antioxidant, returning them to full health much faster than expected. Intrigued and impressed with what seemed like a natural miracle, Whitaker began experimenting with the drink to try and discover other uses for the beverage.

Much to his surprise, pairing the drink with a night of bar hopping led to a hangover-free morning. After speaking with the family doctor, Whitaker learned the drink was also recommended for those suffering from migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, and liver and kidney conditions. Their doctor explained that this specific blend of all natural ingredients can be used to combine and neutralize the toxins found in alcohol as they are being ingested, preventing a hangover at the source. After many sleepless nights filled with research and development, followed by a distribution partnership with Anheuser-Busch, Never Hungover™ was born.

Never Hungover™ is a natural prevention hangover drink made of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that can be taken as a shot or used as a mixer when drinking alcohol. Acetaldehydes are the toxins that are produced from the liver after you consume alcohol. Never Hungover™ provides your liver and kidneys with the antioxidants to break down acetaldehyde so both are able to filter the alcohol while producing a smaller amount of the acetaldehyde toxins. These toxins are what make you feel like you have a hangover, so by eliminating these toxins produced from the liver we are able to severely reduce the effects of a hangover. Taking more than one bottle will only help you feel even better the next day.

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